The inner landscape (Josephine McCarthy spread)



I recently discover Josephine McCarthy blog and there's a part where she wrote about tarot and explain a spread she created : The Inner Landscape Layout (which you can find about here :

I've tried it tonight and found that it is an excellent spread for an interesting overview of a general situation. Some positions are a bit difficult to assimilate like (like position 8 "what is coming directly into your landscape from the inner worlds. All magical attacks, inner contacts, work programs, inner support, deities etc will show here" or even position 1 that is defined by "the body or the land and I did interpret like the position 1 in Celtic Cross) but it has the advantage of presenting every aspect or influence of and on a given situation. Guess this one will become my general "go to" spread!

Has any of you ever tried it? (Tried the search function but didn't find anything about it). What did you think about?


I haven’t tried it, but I printed it yesterday and plan on using it, so thank you! :) I’m a bit stumped by position 1 too… I’ll have to figure out how to adapt some of the positions to my own reading style I think. I also find them a bit scattered when laid out lol I can’t remember what position is where when it’s so all over the place so might have to adapt that too. :p


this is a very revealing spread i will keep for future use, not sure if i could handle it all now.