The Intuitive + The Moon = Beyond Judgement


First of all, I must say that the Gay Tarot has become one of my very favourite decks, and that I have been fully satisfied to study its cards. They have given me a lot of insight about myself and also about my sorroundings.

As most people here know, the Intuitive is a card which invites us to look inside -"To be true to oneself, one must know oneself", reads the LWB. And here we have a fine youth with closed eyes, thinking about something... We are hardly able to know exactly what is that... But, if we look at the Moon card, we see this very same guy making love with someone who reminds me the Youth of Coins... But why The Moon?

Probably, the message is that in the first place he is facing some of his fears... Why not? So, in The Intuitive he is looking inside and the result could be seen in The Moon where he is overcoming his fears and enjoying something he truly desired to experience already in card number II... Not that it is his first time... Though it could also be.

I think that The Moon is not exclusively about sex, but mainly about putting aside fears and doubts in order to enjoy a very important aspect of one's life which is sex.

If we pay attention to numbers, we have that 2 + 18 = 20, which corresponds to "Beyond Judgment"... About this card, the LWB says "Self-acceptance must come before liberation". Aren't facing fears and enjoying sex parts of the way we need to walk in order to reach or accomplish self-acceptance?

I think that these three cards together make a very deep combination and that we can gain a lot of insight by studying them.

By the way, this is my first post here, I'm new to the forum and I hope to cooperate in the study of these wonderful cards and keep learning from all here.

Greetings to all.


Welcome to AT, Cesar! :) I like your insights, very interesting.


Thank you Lee for your words...