The It's-All-Good Luck & Prosperity Spread


In the interest of perhaps opening up a few Western minds, I created a spread based on the Hindu symbol for luck and prosperity, the Swastika, which can be translated as "that which is good." (I hope nobody minds me pressing it into service as a tarot layout.)

The concept behind it is that we often make our own luck by way of what we bring to the table in the form of psychological resources and readiness to engage with external circumstances. It uses both personal and interpersonal inputs to create a set of four "quint" cards that produces the overarching theme of the reading.

Note that the quote from Voltaire's Dr. Pangloss wasn't (and isn't) intended to be taken at face value. :)

ETA: I did a sample reading with this spread asking what the best-case scenario for my daughter-in-law's ongoing pregnancy will be. I used the Golden Universal Tarot (although the gold didn't photograph very well).

I used the Queen of Cups for significator; I had been using the Page/Princess of Cups for her, but motherhood transforms her into a Queen.

The "Identity" portion has the Moon as "Inner Strength" and the Page of Swords as "Outer Strength," with the Lovers as quint. As her body changes, her level of stamina and vitality will fluctuate. My son will be her champion, and the occurrence is blessed by love.

The "Self-Worth" portion has the 5 of Cups as "Inner Vision," the Chariot rx as "Outer Vision" and Justice as quint. She's wondering what she got herself into, and is feeling restricted in her mobility; her doctor probably told her to take it slow, so her horizons have shrunken. There are two cards of self-mastery in this spread - the Chariot and Strength - and both are reversed, which represents a challenge for someone as dynamic and on-the-go as she is. Justice indicates that she has the self-control and determination to see it through with total commitment.

The "Purpose" portion has the Page of Wands rx, the 10 of Cups rx and Strength rx. She needs to avoid wasting her energy and refrain from self-indulgence (she could easily become an ice cream addict). Strength rx shows that she may have some trouble "getting a grip."

The "Achievement" portion has the Sun rx, the 4 of Cups and the High Priestess rx. The Sun rx makes me think there is a male child inside her and she will have a normal head-down delivery (gender is still unknown). I already did a reading with my "yes/no" spread that gave an 80% chance of a boy child, and this seems to reinforce it. While reversal might represent complications, note the double instance of an outstretched hand offering a cup - once in the Queen of Cups and again in the 4 of Cups - with the gesture reaching right across the birth event. I think this symbolism bodes well for an uneventful birth. The 4 of Cups looks like post-partum depression to me, but also that she will be well cared for. The High Priestess rx at the end reflects the inner sense of wonder and peace she will feel when it's all over (and just beginning). But the title of "Gain" and the astrological correspondence to Jupiter and the Moon mean she might come away with significant weight gain.

The spread has both manifestations of the Moon side-by-side, the bodily expression in the "Inner Strength" position and the more spiritual mode in the final quint, the "I Become" position. I can't think of a better indicator for motherhood than the Moon at the beginning and end of the reading.


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Thanks, that's interesting!-

What do you mean by 'Inner Yield'and 'Outer Yield'?


I just posted a sample reading in the original post for this spread, if anyone is interested.