The Jean Dodal deck: High resolution scans



Thank you but the third link seems not to work anymore.
What is the source of these scans ?
thanks a lot.


Oh what a shame :(

I see that the file has been downloaded 10 times now, so it's reached the download limit. As it's quite large I have no idea where else it might be hosted.

Bee :)


Hello Bee, Hello to all lovers of TDM.
First of all forgive my poor English, I'm using the Google translator.
The files are from my source.
I'm Pablo Robledo from Rio Cuarto Argentina.
Currently I am working very happy and at ease in the restoration of the Dodal, since as many prefer the Dodal with sloppy strokes and with the original typography.
It was almost impossible dream with an original Dodal what I said, why not do it myself?.
Leave a sample of some Arcanes in progress and nearing completion.

Not to panic, the cards are not dissimilar in size, only about the digital version :D .

Obviously I'm also working on minors, because like many I can not read without the 78.

Here I give you the link so they can download the ORIGINALS 78.


Thanks I finished downloading the trumps, although it appears that the 6 thousand something pixels high pictures are in fact interpolated version of original 600 to 1000 pixels high scans, so they could safely be reduced to save some kilobytes !
Apart from that and a small moiré du to the scanning process, they are pretty usable at 10 to 20% size


Eltarot78/Pablo > thanks a lot for the complete file !
I guess these zoomed images are the ones you use to draw over, that explains the size. Congratulations for your work anyway, I'm longing to see it finished.
muchas gracias por el archivo completo !
Supongo que estas imagenes muy grandes son las sobre que dibujas tu version, lo que explica porque son tan grandes ! Te felicito por tu trabajo, espero mucho verlo completado
(sorry for my extremely bad spanish, I hope it makes sense !)


Thanks Bertrand, your spanish Si tiene sentido, :D
The images are even heavier work, hover between 15 and 45 MB.
I admit, are a maniac, obsessive and punctilious
, I think that is just what is needed for this type of work :D

Rest Assured, I hope to see it finished too soon.


Le Batelevr

For the LE BATELEVR in his hand, instead of holding a small ball, left open to the ambiguity of having an acorn (fruit of the oak-tree = roble),
or not, his glans. Sorry, that's what it says.



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