The Kings


This may be an old thread - I briefly looked but found nothing.. forgive me if I'm rehashing an old thread.

I was just looking at the King of Pentacles and noticed that he is clearly wearing armour beneath his vestments. This prompted me to dig out the other kings and search for armour. the only other king who MIGHT be wearing it is the King of Cups - perhaps chainmail?

Any thoughts on the kings wearing armour beneath their vestments?

It all started when I was discussing the 9 Pent. and that I see a certain wickedness there - a good wickedness. Then I stumbled across the King and noticed the armour... is this indicative of something deeper within the suit itself? A kind of ruthlessness perhaps? I really see this ruthlessness in the Knight, 9, 6, and 5 pentacles.

Thoughts on ruthlessness?

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The King of Pentacles reveals an armoured foot-covering,
and The Page of Wands wears an armoured helmut...

I think these two may be related. Did you ever notice how
the Salamanders on The Page of Wands tunic go in all
directions ~ none of the other Wands Courts do this.
It's like she's really a Pentacle, or from that family, and
is away now serving in the Court of Wands. She holds
her Wand like it's a living tree ~ very Earthy-Pentacley.


it makes sense that the page, the most purest, most changeable of all the courts would be the most scattered. after all, few people remain young forever. all the pages have peter pan qualities, they can really be anyone. a young person who talks alot may have a revelation stemming from some negative experience they had. so, the experience leaves them queen of swords. queen of swords is far from this pages naturality, but then, sadness doesent last forever. of all the pages, the wands page is second, i think in changeability.
first is the page of pentacles, who is a follower anyways.
the lizards in all directions reminds me of a child who puts the shoes on the wrong feet. or just doesent care for propriety. this page is wild, vital. i love the page of wands.


I have always though tof my daughter as the Page of Wands. She is quick to change and this can happen in a second and always with great firery energy. But the previous reply about children putting their shoes on the wrong feet also is very much like her. When she was younger her shoes were always on the wrong feet. I would remind her of it and her response was always the same " I know, they feel better this way." As she has grown into her teen years her shoes are off as well as socks more than they are on.



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I pulled the King of Pentacles in my daily draw (I'm studying the Rider-Waite to begin with) and noticed that under his armored boot rests a "beastie". Does anyone here know what it is, what it may represent? There are the bull's heads carved on his throne - but this creature doesn't look quite the same.

To me this card represents a mature person adept at utilising that which is material in his world, the "right" use of wealth and the power that goes with it. Anyway, could the beastie possibly be a symbol of greed vanquished? Would the armored boot then indicate a struggle with it, or maybe the effort it took to attain his worldly position? I'm thinking, too, that the armor is to show that this is not a "soft" person, no matter his fancy, rich robes.

Any replies will be appreciated, thank you!