The Left Hand ? Why ?


I once read in some tarot books that using the hand you don't use was supposed to be in the old days be the hand of the devil .

actually in what i have learned.
the hand you use regulary is the sending hand of the ego .
and the hand you do not is the recieving hand of intuition so i alwasy have my client shuffle the cards with the hand they don't use for i tell them that the cards are recieving the energy of their guides , and their angels through the that hand if they use the right hand which is for most the regular hand
they will be putting their own thoughts, desires, and influencing the cards to be what they want

which is why on body work i use the right hand to send healing energy and the left hand to take away the pain and poision in the aura and offer it up to the creator to dissolve
an intersting point for this techiques i genrally keep the hands together in the laying of the hand king techique so both benefits happen at once.

which why when they shuffle i don't allow them to shuffle like in las vegas for they are using both hands to shuffle the cards.
but instead
i have them hold the cards in the right hand and move the card however they can with their left hand front to back with the pictures facing away from them .


Hi Holmes
Great question:
I learned that the right hand corresponds with the left half of the brain wich is the part of the intellect. And the left hand corresponds with the right part of the brain that's the emotional part.
(women tend to use the right part more , don't you just love dicovery cahnnel ;) )

That's why i shuffle with both but i pick the cards with my left.

BTW in RWS based decks the magician helds up his right and sends the enregy with his left :)


in light emerging the intention excerise.
the right hand goes over your soul seat located an inch over your heart center
and the left hand goes above the hara center located half a inch above the creative sexual center.
why ?
the right hand is affirm your intention to connect with the creator
and the left is affirming your intention to connect with the mother earth.

on a diffent level
you are affirmin your connection with the creator by holding your right hand up and recieving the energy trhouh your crown center and passing through your left hand. you are not sending the energy but allowing the energy to flow through hence being a channel.
notice in the picture the four elements are on the table while the magician glows?
he is in fact asking the creator to bless his tools like a shaman would. that is how i see it :O)

what is the diffence between a magacian and the hierophant.
the magaiacian uses his mind and his knowledge of the auras, and chakras
and the the hierophant his faith to his wonders.
also the hierophant follows his faith therefore conforming
while the magician directs his path each to his own


Quote:Originally posted by Maan
Hi Holmes
Great question:
That's why i shuffle with both but i pick the cards with my left.

I shuffle this way and the other way combined.
and I pick my cards with my left.
This is interesting to me, people always comment on how I handle cards(usually during a poker game rather than a reading)I am ambidextorous. I can use both hands for any task and there are some things that I am left hand dominate(cards). My writing is done mostly right, in kindergarden the teachers found me drawing with my left and told me to use my right. But in high school if I had my note in my right hand and was called to the chalkboard, the chalk went into the free hand(left). I occasionaly write with my left still, the pen just ends up there some times.
I have heard alot of different things about our hands and the powers they posess, like the memory that is stored at the tips of our fingers. I have experienced my fingers taking over playing the flute while my mind drifts off into other worlds.
So it must be benificial to know the energy and use of the hands in the proper manner. This is interesting indeed.

Major Tom

I've always asked the querent to cut the cards with their left hand. The reason? I've always thought they should use their left hand because it's closer to the heart...

isthmus nekoi

just a little note: in Latin, the word for left was 'sinister' which is maybe why the left hand is sometimes associated w/evil.