The lycos site : tarot de marseille


Can some one tell me anything about this fascinating site,

-- it has wonderful articles in French about all the Arcana, with associated myths, and theory, etc. Yet I can find no names of authors attached. I do not know who I am quoting.

Any insiders with info?

full deck


That's a nice site indeed. I must slog through it when I have time but it's good to have a site that is dedecated to the Marseilles. Thanks for mentioning it.


I haven't looked at the site for a while, but seem to recall that its owner was named either on (Flornoy's site), or the Camoin site... I'll have to have a dig through some of my earlier bits and pieces...


If only it was in english... :( I guess I have to start studying french really soon... Unless I want to use google's 'translate any language into engrish'-translation service... :D