The 'Man' cards ~


In the Gay Tarot the Knights have been replaced by the 'Man of ____' cards. It's an interesting look at the cards, also a fact that the men pictured are mature males, not buff gymbunnies. My first viewing was the man of wands as a policeman, and my first thought was 'Oh no! The Knights aren't going to be the Village People, are they?' Gay icons of male authority figures? Mercifully, they are not!

What I found interesting is that their descriptions fit more into my ideas about the personalities of the Pages, but no matter. However, these cards deal with the character as a 'real' person and not go into the abstract or esoteric as most Knights do. However, thay remain positive reinforcements.

Cups ~ Every little boys' dream of becoming a fireman comes true. No 'knight in shining armour bearing a love token' here! {Although fantasies of being rescued by a hunky fireman prevail...} LWB:"Drawn to emotional crises. Tendency to want to emotionally rescue others." Brings a new concept to 'coming to the rescue.'

Coins ~ A construction worker {Are we sure this isn't the Village People?LOL!} sits calmly on a girder of a building under construction rather than on horseback in a plowed field. The concept of new beginnings but things happen slowly or deliberately, not quickly - is still there. LWB: " Responsible and hard working. Reliable, Dependable" To tell the truth, I'm starting to confuse the Man cards with the Sages because they start to sound like the Kings!

Wands ~ The knight whose horse is rearing up has been replaced by a policeman ... maybe he should have been pictured in a squad car? I associate the Knight of Wands with the possibility for movement to begin. [But then, I am used to associating the Knights with change and the speed of the change.] LWB: " Keeping the peace, 'The Establishment,' Someone who likes to fix problems."

Swords ~ The knight charging out of control on horseback has been replaced by ... a research scientist/chemist? A card of great speed and forward movement is placed with a card of quiet dignity. LWB: " A rational, scientific approach. A thorough investigation.' Perhaps he is looking for a cure for HIV ?

The 'man of ' cards forced me to look at how I normally use the Knights in a reading and forced me to look at these cards in context. Maybe there needs to be four more Court cards in a deck?