The Miike TdM Cards


jmd, thanks for your kind words. :)

Now, here's the list of the extant Conver cards.
(I really appreciate the great help of Mr. Depaulis.)

- Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris)
The original of Heron reproduction. Probably early 19th century.
Complete (78 cards).

- British Museum (London)
I think this is from Lady Charlotte Schreiber's collection, 4 cards of which
can be seen in Kaplan's Encyclopedia I, p151. Probably early 19th century.
77 cards.
- Guildhall Library (London)
This belongs to "the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards" Collection.
Probably 19th century (post 1808). Complete (78 cards).

- Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library (New Haven, Conneticut)
There are 2 DECKS. Both are from Cary Collection and 19th-century copies.
Complete (78 cards each).

- Deutsches Spielkartenmuseum (Leinfelden-Echterdingen)
A fragmentary copy. 19th-century.

- Museum zu Allerheiligen (Schaffhausen)
From Kumpel (UMLAUT on u) Collection.
"To be on exhibition next Autumn"!

- Museo de Naipes Fournier de Alava (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

- Miike Playing Card Memorial Museum (Omuta)
9 cards. 18th century.

I hear there are a few more.
(To be continued.)



-in the late Sylvia Mann's collection:
It seems it's not known where this deck is now.
Mr. Depaulis says it was a "late reprint".

-in Mr. Ronald Decker's collection:
Once I asked Mr. Decker about this deck.
He told me he had bought it at an auction and that it had the
back design like a "basket weave", which was popular in the
late 19th century.
Some cards can be seen in "The History of the Occult Tarot",
and it seems to me this is an 1880 "recoloured " version
by Camoin.
It should have been printed by 1890, for no tax stamp can be
seen on the Ace of Coins.
(On the other hand, the 1880 deck in Camoin's website has
the tax stamp on the Ace of Coins.)

-in a private collection in Turin, Italy:
This is the original of Lo Scarabeo's Conver reprint.
Lo Scarabeo says it was printed in the early 19th century.

Mr. Depaulis says the caption "CONVER FRANCE" became statutory from1808.
So, the originals of Heron reprint and Lo Scarabeo reprint (in addition, the deck
in British Museum) must have been printed after 1808.

Now, I want information about the others:
Is there anyone here, who happens to have or can refer to the following titles?

-Willam B. Keller:
"A Catalogue of The Cary Collection of Playing Cards in the Yale University Library"
New Haven, 1981
-John Berry:
"Playing-cards of the World" (the catalogue for an exhibition at the the Guildhall Library)
London, 1995

And has anyone seen the decks in Schaffhausen or Fournier Museum?

Any information is welcome! :)


Kenji: Have you encountered many other Conver decks over the last decade since this post? PMing you for a link to photos of original decks. [Update] Your PM box is full, would you mind sending URL to my PM? Thanks, Wil