The Mind Reader


Very interesting spread. I just tried it out and it worked brilliantly. :thumbsup: Thank you for posting this. :)


Moonson: i've read somewhere, that for one to "know" another person by the cards, that person must touch/shouffle them, in order to transfer their own energie into the cards.
It doesn't really matter whether the querent touches the cards or not - it's just a personal thing. In fact you don't even need the cards, or anything else, unless you feel better using something for 'focussing' with. The divination/magic is in you, not the objects you use.

Bee :)


I agree with the borderline unethicalness (is a word??), but I couldn't resist this one. I did it with Celcius's additions to make it more about ME than about the other person. And it was spot on.

Well, it looked spot on ... of course I can't verify what X's thoughts and feelings might be!

Interestingly enough, I got the mirror cards of the Lovers and the Devil as cards 7 & 8, so that kind of sums things up right there!

Thanks for this spread :)


Thanks Bernice for the clarification!


I just modified this spread a little for myself and the reading I just did is accurate, I think.

Since I didn't really need to know the details of the thoughts & feelings so much, and just wanted to focus more on the reasons behind it & what I could do, I threw the cards like this:


1: Conscious thoughts & feelings toward me
2: Subconscious thoughts & feelings toward me
3 & 4: Why they feel that way
5: What should I do about it? / Response I should have

Because I threw it in regard to an awkward situation, I don't really want to verify it completely, but it does make sense.

Thanks for posting the spread!


this spread is great!


I have to say this spread is interesting;but the results I got really through me off.
Of course...I wanted to know what a particular guy thought and felt about me by our email connection.It was all about me and me!!??
The results were pretty negative so I posted them in the tarot readings forum.A forum member responded by saying "those cards aren't about you they're about what he just went through..." which was a work situation, which I'd mentioned.
When I re looked at the results with that in mind the results then made I guess if you get a negative 'mind reading' spread it may not be about you the querent but infact other negativitys going on in their mind.
Just my thoughts..


ever since i saw this post it really got me thinking!
Got me very, very curious...
So, last night i decided to try it!
But i gave it a little twist... and, although i can't prove if it's a correct reading for now, i felt to be logic to me.

I used your spread because my ex girlfriend is doing (or saying) some "weird" things to me that i think she shouldn't...:) well, she already has a boyfriend... and it got me thinking, "what is going in her head? what does she want?". So i reminded of your spread...

Here's what i've done: 1---2
1 - concious thoughts toward me
2 - concious feelings toward me
3 - subconcious thoughts
4 - Why? (is she having this thoughts and feelings)
5 - what should i do/advice

I guess, the 3 card shows the "why", but i wanted a confirmation. :) Would apreciate your coment, to help this newbie!


So, this is a very interesting sounding spread. I have a question, though, as I am still new to Tarot.
The way I choose my cards is by thinking (or having the quarent think) about how each position relates to the situation.

For example, if I'm using a spread to answer a question about my relationship to a specific person. Say, the first spot is "Past Attitudes" then I think about how I have felt about that person in the past, as I lay the card down. (I feel as though the face of the card has not yet been formed until a being that knows what the cards are has seen it).

Because of this, all my spreads use information I already know to give me something I don't know. However in a situation like this, you don't know anything prior to reading the cards.

My real question is simply this: What do I center my thoughts on as I lay the cards down?


i think if the tarot spread is right.then they allow you to have the information

thanks for this awsome spread :) it showed me somthing id hope to see. i think if the tarot spread is right,then they allow you to have the information who ever the person is.