The mysterious seven of pentacles


I have a Rider Waite tarot deck. And I have a big problem with this card. It's always popping out inverted, when I talk about a friend of my girlfriend, that's the only card I can't interpret, cause it seems that this is meaning a lack of money, treasure... I feeled that this girl had something special to do in relation to my girlfriend (yes strange feeling, chills on my body when it's around 98 in my room...) and I saw that she is someone really important in my gf's life. I hope that someone have the answer to my question... It seem that this is the problem that keep them from getting togheter. Thanks in advance, I'ld want a serious answer.. but no one will answer a stupid thing anyway.


I am not sure I understand the question you are asking. Was there a spread that you want help with or just the meaning of the seven of Pentacles reversed? The seven of Pentacles, to me, means patience. If you plant a garden, you must wait for it to grow before you can harvest the crops. If the card is reversed, I would think that it means that someone is being impatient or trying to hurry too much. Hope this helps.



Not sure what your question is supposed to be!

The reversed card says someone is impatient and not willing to wait for the logical or best conclusion. They want it NOW!


Thanks, I'm sorry if I have used the word inverted, that's because I didn't knew the good term was reversed (I'm a frenchy from Quebec) Well I think that could answer my question thanks :)