The NK "Why Me?" Spread


Have you ever had one of those times in the course of life where you just sit, being totally lost or totally surprised at your good fortune? I did this spread in the form of a W and called it the Nancy Kerrigan "Why Me?" Spread.
I am not making fun here of someone's pain. As a matter of fact it was this emotional as well as physical pain that was etched on her face that day, that gave me the inspiration to do this spread. It looks like this:




1.Current Situation
2.Why did it happen?
3.What can I do to keep it going? (if it's a positive card, or what can I do to stop it if it is a negative card)
4. Why should I let it continue? ( either way good or bad)
5. Hidden past influences? (good or bad)
6. Future influences? (good or bad)
7. What does the Universe advise?
8. Outcome.

Sometimes you meet people during the course of your journey who have a emotional hurt so huge they need to deal with it before they can move on with their lives. The same is true of unbelievable good fortune. Why me??

I hope someone can use this to help someone they may know, perhaps themselves.



hey baroli
this sounds like a lovely spread, its really gonna answer the "right" questions!
thanks for the spread! i am gonna use it asap!


I think you are right about such kind of period that we have to go through and I was looking for a spread like this. Thank you!!!


Hi Baroli, i love the sound of this spread! I'm copying it down in my spread journal right now and i will be trying it out later. Thank you so much for posting this spread.
Sophie xx


Thankyou Michmm, Ladybro, and English Rose. I hope you enjoy the spread. I got good results with it. Hope you will too.



ahhh answers to eternal questions, thank you for this!