The Oracle of Dr. John Dee


I picked this up on a whim at a used bookstore. They had a bunch of new unwrapped copies for $5.00 so I couldn't really help myself. Upon scanning through the book and deck it seemed to be quite involved, more so than I thought it would have. Does anyone have any experience using it with the gold paper layout it provided? Do you like working with this deck? Why or why not? I haven't touched it yet after initially going through it. Ive looked online and I don't see much about this one. I can see how it might not appeal to a large group of people. The artwork really appeals to me, also Ive always had great interest in John Dee and that whole era of spirituality. This one is going to take some time studying before I really feel comfortable with it I think.


I've tried. Like you, picked it up for next to nothing.

I just get decks like this to use on my blog, and couldn't make this one go although I gave it three chances.

I have it in the 'going' deck pile. Way too complicated to be an oracle. Maybe someone with a real interest in Jonathon Dee would enjoy it as part of a hobby?