the other Twos ...?


The discussion of the Two of Cups was fascinating, but since there is probably nothing I can say that will add to it's appreciation - I decided to go the the rest of the Twos to follow Lee's student through them. All the two's have one person on htem.

In the Cups - 'reach out and touch someone' - even if that someone means connecting to yourself. Doreen Valiente's often-incompletely quoted line in the Charge of the Goddess says: If that which you seek you find not within, surely you will not find without. What better place to start than with your relationship with yourself?

Coins - the student is doing some ritualized exercies (don't know the names of these things. Tai Chi?) with his eyes closed. In a card usually implying a balance to be maintained, our student is doing his ritual without falling over having lost his balance or banging into something. The door is to the outside is closed, but the curtain and shades remain open - a need to keep the distractions of the outside world to a minimum. Long shadows indicate early morning but usually late afternoon - the place of enlightenment or the place of wisdom? A need to straighten things out in a calm, peaceful way.

Wands - Our student looks over a freshly raked plot of earth - but the RWS influence for this card is strongly felt. The hose stands ready to water the garden - has he planted and is resting - the usual assumption of the card (making the plans and wating for results), or is he saying 'tomorrow I shall plant the seeds but right now I need a beer and a shower? {Maybe the two men from the Sun card are fxing his wall?} Little shades of the Seven of Coins in this card-for that card has been redrawn.

Swords- between the rock and the hard place - the student has taken refuge in meditaion and has unplugged that annoying bastard of mankind - the phone with a built-in answering machine. Is this to save his sanity because he can't get a minute to himself without another annoying phone solicitation? Or is he so angry with someone that he has decided to unplug their connection (something also happening in the 10 swords card). He has dropped the shades and almost completely closed them. He awaits and answer, but has closed himself off from receiving one. Perhaps he is trying to force someone to come over and talk to him face-to-face. At the moment - he has fixed himself in one spot and wont be going anywhere anytime soon.


I did a reading and got the 2 of Swords in the "are we meant to be position". How would this be interpreted??