The Piatnik Historical Cartomancy Collection


Although I have never used them, I received a deck of 'Le Jeu Destin Antique' Fortune-Telling Cards as a gift.

Their layout remind me very much of the 'Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards' in the garish orange and black box that USG sells. How they work as an oracle I do not know.

Mythic Silence

I recently purchased the Mlle Lenormand and the Gipsy Fortune-telling decks in this series.

The art on the Lenormand is traditional and lovely, and the backs are very pretty too.

The Gipsy deck is also 36 cards. The artwork is attractive on this deck as well. It has the card titles in six languages at the bottom, which does make for a rather large band of white space.

Both decks have lovely cardstock and are roughly the size of a standard poker deck. I haven't read with either one, but I can definitely endorse them for quality and aesthetics. :)

I can attach some images if anyone would be interested in a better preview. I know "attractive" is rather vague and relative.


I found this set after a recommendation from a friend and it's fantastic - can't really argue for the price!

I found them a little tricky to use at first but have enjoyed learning about the different decks through the seaqueen blog and this forum. They've really added a new light on my readings!