the Piper


I get the Piper an awful lot, and not surprisingly can't make a lot of sense of him. I get the keywords- truth, order, harmony, beauty and maybe trying to create them in your life.
How do you interpret this card?



Listen to the piper's's all around you. In the rustling leaves of a tree, a child's laughter, a friend's warm greeting on the phone, a clap of thunder, the sound of your pet welcoming you home. It can be that small voice that tells you to offer gentle words to someone or to send a lovely card to a friend having a difficult time. It can be in creating or enjoying a space that is full of, aroma, music.

Just listen...the song of life is all around you. It's lilt and sway will lead you along a path of gentleness and gratitude.

Well, there's my 2 cents worth. :)



Still a little blocked here.
So it's saying look out for the truth, order and beauty already in my life. Or listen to the signs that life is given me? Go with the flow?
I usually just listen to some zen pipe music and think yep- gotta clean and organise this house. LOL


What I get from the piper is he's focused, concentrated, peaceful, studying, learning, or fine tuning his skills, maybe seductive skills.

maybe he's not but that's how I see him. :)




If you're still blocked, just give it some time. From what I can tell, you seem to be getting something from him. But if it's not feeling complete, maybe spend some time meditating on the card, listening to that music you listen to, writing a story about the card, talking to the Piper, or something like that. Just give the message time to come to you. It will be there. :)



Digging up old posts

Well I was digging through old posts and found this thread interesting, and thought it would be neat to discuss the piper.

He looks Hawaiian to me, and I love Hawaii, and so he immediately brought me peace and made me think of the surreal beauty and magic that I saw and felt when I was in Hawaii. I find him to be quiet, a listener, and full of inner peace.

What about you guys?


The piper to me has (as many of the cards do to me) meant many things. As of late, he reminds me of the famous piper who led all the mice out of the village by playing his pipe. In other words, something is leading you somewhere. The message isn't complete because you're not sure how everythignw ill transpire between now and then. But know that something powerful is leading you closer to your life destiny. Perhaps you are given offers for a new job, moving up in the company, meeting a new person in your life, there are all kinds of things that could represent the idea of leading you somewhere. Follow your instincts, listen and look for signs, they are there, you just have to be imaginiative enough to take them as signs.

He's also meant a person with a great love and talent for music. he can also mean depression, listening to the sad music of the soul. He plays the music for you in hopes that you will find your temporary comfort until you can find it in yourself to raise your spirits again.


I also think about his music as hypnotic--which can be a good thing or a distraction for what he doesn't want you to see.

I'm on a paranoid kick since Luna put me in that bus!


How intersting! Yep, like you two, sagatarian and imagemaker...I see the Piper as the pied piper who leads you off on some journey or quest...or sometimes off on a distracting tangent.
His music is VERY hypnotic.

Sometimes I follow, knowing that it's important to see where it leads (though the journey always seems more important than the destination..)
And sometimes I follow him, expecting to be shown the proper path, and I end up stuck in a mire...worse off than I was before!

Then I can see him rolling around on his back and laughing and laughing.

You do definately have to be wary of him!

Incidently...this was my spouse's least favorite card in the deck...though at the time he didn't know why.

I realize it is because music...and other media affects him so much...and he gets distracted by the piper way too easily!


The Piper combines delight and seduction by way of the music of the spheres, which expresses the patterns built into the fabric of the entire universe.

The tune's cosmic, so it's useful at the same time you get drawn to it, but don't forget to remember who you are and what you're doing.