The Pook


He just makes no sense to me, like he speaks a different language from the other fae. You'd think that I wouldn't have a problem, with my affinity with the Singers, but where they humm and string... he just splotches and smorks.

It's like he enjoys being inpenetrable.
I am going to pull out my other cards and try as you suggest, Lark. Thank you.


.traveller. said:
.It's like he enjoys being inpenetrable.
Maybe that's exactly what he will mean for you in a reading...
Look around your life... is there something you can't seem to get into...or are you putting up a barrier for something or someone else?


I am putting up a barrier between me and someone else, someone with whom I have always had a tremendously strong psychic link.


Okay, I drew some cards and Pook sort of pushed them around to his liking and this is what we've got so far:

In the process of transformation, but neither here nor yet there. It's a difficult thing, this here to there, kinda hurts and scratchy too, and taking entirely too long, so a panicky/fearful feeling... he can't breathe, a bit claustrophobic. His brain says he'll get "there", but it's just taking so long.


You're getting there...he was pretty chatty..:)


lark said:
You are a faerie after my own heart Jewel..:)

And yes, I would love, love, love to hear what Pook ends up meaning to all of let us know.
Awwwwwww you are too kind.

When I have time I think I will visit with him too and see what I come up with. I know Faunabay really liked him, maybe she will chime in.


For me...The Pook...speaks of examining rules, giving up rigid mind sets, and attempting to see the dual naure of people and situations. When the Pook turns up in our lives its time to examine our beliefs and to clear away the confusion...the information we need is there...we just need to find it among all the paradoxes. Or on the flip side of that, sometimes he stops by to tell us the information is not available at this time and we need to get on with our lives until the insight is present.


I love reading everyone's impressions, I wish I was so eloquent with my writing here.
I dont get much from the Pook.
Only that his chakras are weak, but he has a bright candle flame over his head.