The Qwirk Tarot (a work in progress)


As promised elsewhere— here’s a thread about the Tarot deck I’ve started work on!

Background: For a while now, I’ve been developing these odd little characters called “Qwirks”, who reflect our own very human quirks. They Qwirks are like little totems of weirdness, and they’ve come into our world with a mission: They're here to teach us the value of our oddities, to show us the positive impact that our our kinks and twitches and strangenesses can make in the world.

Of course, the Qwirks have their *own* quirks, and one of their quirks is that they love to play dress-up. A few months ago, they announced they wanted to cosplay the Tarot cards.

Yeah. I know. That led to actually creating a deck.

Each card is totally a work in progress. My current goal is to get the ideas, drawings and composition down for at least the Majors - I've just finished the Emperor. After the core ideas are down, I'll do some experimental refinements — playing around with the card layouts a bit more, playing with card sizes, and experimenting with my own watercolor backgrounds instead of the digital images currently in place. Once that’s done, I’ll start in on the pips and court cards.

Oh, and the whole thing is being funded as part of a larger Patreon campaign, where the cards I create are part of the monthly perks for supporters. (Patreon is a crowdfunding site, sort of like Kickstarter, but it’s meant for supporting ongoing creative projects. Supporters pledge smaller amounts on a recurring basis.) You can check the campaign out, and see some more of my work with the Qwirks, here: Http://

But enough words, right? ON WITH THE IMAGES! ;)
(This is scary. be gentle?)


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I really love the idea behind this! I like shining a positive light on the things that make us different as individuals! I think your quirks are adorable and I really like the cards you've done so far. I can't wait to see how this deck turns out!


Thanks J'alaire!

I tracked your deck down via your website.. adorable! I love that Strength card of yours :)


Loving them :) don't know why but I get a moomin vibe from them, if anyone is old enough to remember watching the moomins lol.


Here's another card for you guys... The Fool.
Pretty traditional, this one, but I adore his obliviousness.
I did a sketch for something else the other day that would make a great fool, but I love this guy so much I don't know if I can replace him!

Thanks, Tigerangel :) I had to look the Moomins up, I don't think they got much attention in the US, though wow, they've been huge elsewhere! I do see the resemblance, simple, somewhat-blobby but expressive line art characters on colorful backgrounds. Maybe the Qwirks and Moomins are second cousins? :)


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This looks charming - can't wait to see the whole deck! Love the light-hearted feel to it.


Here's the fellow I finished up just yesterday... The Hierophant/Pope, but for now, at least, I'm calling him The Cleric. I didnt realize until today that I finished this on the day the Pope arrived in the US! How fun is that?

You might also get a kick out of my second-accidentally-appropriate-publication date: The first card of a satiracal Death and Destruction Oracle. I had it set up to publish today, when I realized there were predictions of apocalyptic doom for today! Fun, huh? (I'll start a thread for this deck when/if I get a number of cards done)

(linking today because I have a migraine and don't trust myelf to get things uploaded right) I've probably misspelled everey other word as it is.)


Oh goodness! Your Death card is hilarious, and brilliant. Too many people take the whole 'Death Card' thing too seriously. Honestly I can imagine reading with this deck and having that card come up. :D


Very refreshing deck!


Thanks everybody! I'm having SO much fun with the Tarot deck, and the plans for the Death Oracle. (If you didn't click through and read the text for the Death deck, do it... but set down any drinks first!)