The Rainbow of prosperity spread


I thought a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end would make a terrific prosperity here it is.


1 through 7 should form a curved shape like a rainbow and then #8 is the pot of gold of course!

1 (Red): What you want
2 (Orange): What you need
3 (Yellow): What you already have
4 (Green): What you need to give up
5 (Blue): What step needs to be taken next
6 (Indigo):What resources are out there for you to use
7 (Violet): Who can/will help you
8 (Pot of Gold): The prize/end result

I made this spread because I usually have trouble doing financial/prosperity readings and I thought a spread like this would help me invision the pot of gold and the rainbow represents what the querent needs to follow to get it.


What a lovely spread:) I'm going to try it out as well.

Thank you!!!!


"I made this spread because I usually have trouble doing financial/prosperity readings "

this will be a very good one i think for someone i am currently reading for :) -- thanks for sharing it :) -- i think it speaks to the money issue but also to spiritual and emotional "prosperity" issues too :)


thanks for sharing! I was looking for something like this.


Your Spread

Hi my name is Tru I will be using your spread and I will keep you posted on how things turn out.


Great Spread...

Got king of cups at the end.. It said that my next step is Justice. Interesting one. I think maybe letting Karma take it's course. Anyways' Thanks again,

Love **& Light, Janey xx


Wow! Very interesting and adorable spread. :) This is so going down in my tarot journal... Thank you for sharing!


hi miss_apples
this spread looks great, and has great timing for me :)
gonna give it a try when i get home tonight :)


Little Baron

Enjoyed your spread Ms Apples .. and also enjoyed reading your interpretation, Bec. There sounds like things to work on and look forward to. I hope things work out for the best.