The Rainbow of prosperity spread


This looks like a nice simple financial spread. I will try it some time when I not so sick.

niki frm india

hey great spread....will try it right away...may this prosperity spread brings lots of prosperity in everyone's life...;-)

Tarot Girl


wow what a lush spread i put it in my journal and will try it soon thanks miss_apples

tarot girl


Thanks for sharing this. I will try it out tonight.


Cool Spread

I like this spread I will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing!


i like this spread too. easy to remember based on the rainbow colours and the spread sequence. thanks for sharing.



I just want to say that this is an absolutely fantastic spread!

I used this for myself and was surprised how clear the message was.
I've taken steps to follow what the spread has advised and things seem to be on their way for the better...

Thanks so much for making this spread!


This is a really good spread and has really helped me and a friend.

I have just done it for a friend who has been having serious problems with money and needed reasurance. As the person who could/would help her the queen of cups appeared and we both agreed that it was me... which does actually fit very, very well with the things that I do when with my friends.

Thanks for the great spread!



WOW what a great spread im new to tarot im going to try this one right now SWEET



Oh my goodness! I MUST try this spread! Rainbows~! :DDD

I like how the spread mentions what needs to be given up :> Lovely spread!