The Rarr


I saw in the forums index that there was nothing on the Rarr. This lil faery chose to be my faery companion for the day, and I thought I'd start a thread on him since there was none.

When I first saw the Rarr (shortly after I first got the deck), my first thought was "Oh wow, it looks just like a the snitch in Harry Potter". It always will look like a snitch to me.

Today I do feel a little more energetc, and now that I'm listening more closely, I can hear a buzzing around my head. My sister once explained to me that (and sorry if I'm misquoting you Alissa) "Bubbles and balls in the faery cards often *to me* represent thoughts and ideas that we play with in our hands or feet". Well the Rarr looks like one huge big idea or thought, and it looks like a thought that has a purpose, a place it needs to go.

In the motion of the card, it looks like it's come along distance, and still has enough "putter in its motor" to go longer. It's a motion in the card that I can see and feel from it, and thought it significant.

My interpretation : Thoughts and Ideas are either "soaring" into your head today, or you have a new motivation of where you want to "go" with your thoughts and/or ideas. You have the energy it will take to carry the idea from one formation to the next as it will not remain a idle idea.

I would love to hear others "soaring" thoughts on the Rarr.


Rarr... Rarr doesn't show up for me much. I guess because Rarr's message is more my regular lifestyle... to me, when the Rarr is here, he's reminding you, "In order to move ahead, you're gonna have to fly upside-down and sideways to get there."

Upside down and sideways; the Rarr makes you feel like you're getting nowhere, all the while he's giggling inside and going, "Ayup, that's the way, girl." Before you know it, and you can't say how you did it, you're finished! You did it!

The Rarr tells us turn the situation around to move forward, it's time to flip and go upside down. In partnered dance moves, being flipped upside down and then being carried forward is a DAMN odd feeling. Scary, exhilerating, cockamaymeed crazy and yet... the Rarr dumps you on your rightside up butt at last and as you sit there and glare around ("What the hell did you do that for? I'm all dizzy and have no idea where I am!") it usually only takes a moment to realize you ARE at your destination. You got there the "easy" way, according to the Fae.

The other analogy I think of, and this is just weird-me, but the bees. I have this weird sense of direction thing in my head, and the only time I've felt I wasn't spacially challenged was when I learned about how bees navigate. Having observed the location of a flower from another bee's dance, the bee on a hunt will fly past its intended destination, circle around, go back the other way and pass it again, turn around, hone in on it one more time, take another u-turn when missed and then at last, THERE's what I've been looking for! Never mind that you passed it 3 times and didn't know it... at last, you're where you meant to be.

The Rarr reminds me it's time to radically change your perspective for a while. Think outside the box is what we say alot today, but it's the same idea. If you think the easiest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line, the Rarr is here to show you what the world looks like when you travel that line in a curve, and instead of looking at your feet, your eyes look *Down* and see the sky.

You're gonna get much more out of things with Rarr to remind you of the new perspectives to seek for.

(p.s. I am not a Harry Potter fan, but I can see how the snitch would remind you of the Rarr. To carry the analogy, at times, you have to fly your broom upside down in order to catch the snitch="upside down and sideways," these are my key words with the Rarr).


The Rarr to me has always been about buzzing and speed. Things usually happen very quickly and I have to think on my feet when he is around. I also have to pay attention or I will miss something as he buzzes by. This can be thoughts, ideas, or life in general. When the Rarr is visiting me, I make sure to slow down a bit and process the information before jumping to conclusions and buzzing off.

Now that you mention it ... it does look like the snitch *LOL*


I agree with what everone says, Rarr does look like a blue snitch- the smallest ball in Quidditch but the one that usually wins the game. I think the Rarr can be the small detail which escapes everyone yet is vital.

Also have you noticed that kids ( often with suitable facepaint on !) will pretend to be 'lions and tigers and bears oh my!' and cry out 'RARR!' to unsuspecting adults. This is the rarr's power- vital, noisy, wild - and fun!


So many different viewpoints, it's great. I think it's so great, and so strange too how these faeries mean different things to all of us. It's so nice to share with all of you, all of our ideas and concepts. I've seem to collect these different ideas and they have truly "altered" the way that I read these cards, often involving other viewpoints, or points in general that I've seen expressed here in the readings I've done with others.

*I think I'm going to get a "faery book" and I'm going to write down each card, and go through the index list here, and write down all of my own personal favorite outlooks on all of the fae, so it can be my own personal study book that I can reference when ever I feel the need to do so. Sometimes, logging on to the computer and then on to line just takes too much when you're trying to do a meditation with a certain fae, or if you're about to go to bed, and you pull a card. Although I'll never stop interupreting them as "I" see them, as any vision of the fae and their messages are valid. I need a new project anyhow, and I'm happy to do this, as it will help me get reconnected intuitively with my own fae again.*

Thank you...everyone.



When I first got this set, years ago, this was the first card I ever turned up and the first interpretation I looked up in the book. I cannot seperate the books meaning from my own personal impression.