The real problem


'Lo all,

What your Tarot spread may be telling you: No problem is ever as big as it looks. Usually, it's bigger. David Gerrold has a great definition of this. He calls it "polymurphic progression." Murphy's Law polymorphs. Solve one part, and you encounter another. Like Chinese puzzle boxes.

But the REAL problem is not the situation itself -- it is resistence to come to grips with it. What you resist, persists. There are very few problems that will simply go away if you ignore them.

Not to sound too downbeat, here's one that will -- maybe. If, in bed at night with the lights out, you become aware that there is a monster hiding in the closet waiting to get you, you can pull the covers over your head and then it can't find you. Must'a worked for me. I'm still here.

"Reality is what doesn't go away when you stop believing in it." -- Philip K. Dick


Hello Talisman,

Nice quote there by the mysterious(in life and death) Philip.K.Dick.

Your post reminds me of the business motivational mantra , 'There are no problems....only Challenges'. Part of the problem with 'spirituality' is the search for perfection and universal truth. As a student of magick and science I long ago realised the pursuit of either was folly. I changed my angle and realised the magick is right in front of [and in] us. Being here [existance] is magick. Thus I have nothing to fear from should only underline the magick, and it does, Quantum theory is more bizzare and 'magick' than any theory of a god. The modern discoveries of D.N.A spirals is way beyond the old theory's in terms of 'WOW'.

We call galaxies, 'galaxies' and then, when we see a picture of one, we see a 'galaxy'. I may be wrong, but is this what you are getting at? .....


Talisman: Your reference to "polymurphic progression" gave me an image of mirrors extending into infinity. Or is it the "domino effect"--y'know: push one domino over, & the rest follow obediently.
As for the problem being actually "bigger" than it looks--I agree on the basis that it exists on multi-levels, a kind of triple-whammy (as in physical-mental-spiritual). If one sees the spiritual as the point of origin of all things or conditions, then what is actually seen or perceived is but a smidgen of the whole picture. The impact of any "problem" may vary according to the vulnerability of each level, as one is affected according to the weakest point.
BTW: I like the totally appropriate quote from Philip K. Dick, an intriguing writer.
David Gerrold's first book "The Man Who Folded Himself" offers food for thought.
AmounrA: I agree that existance is magick. All of life is magickal, when one considers the process of conception & birth.