The Role Spread



I've just tried and tested this spread, after hitting my head so many times about someone's role in my life. So then I started thinking about mine in theirs. The rationale stems from my belief that as souls, we are all here to learn lessons and are helped by the fellow souls with whom we've agreed to share these journeys. Since all this happens at a higher realm, the idea was to try and determine roles, especially when the connection is challenging. The challenge for me was that I didn't have the role I would have liked in that person's life, so I tried to approach the question from the person's side to try and see the other side of the coin.

So here is how it works:

The Role Spread:
  1. What role I currently have:
  2. What role in the person's mind
  3. What role in the person's heart
  4. What role I have on the ground (reality)
  5. What role the person desires me to have
  6. What role will I actually have

I tried and tested it on some lovely sitters in the forum, and it seems to be conclusive. I got some pretty solid answers for myself too and so I thought I would share.

If you would like to see the trial:

A xx