The Rosetta Tarot


Hi there

Do anyone know if ''The Rosetta Tarot is out in the new full size version yet? i've just looked at the Rosetta Tarot website it said in early 2017!!


Yes, the new Papyrus edition is out, and gorgeous.

Rose Lalonde

Hi Dean. The full size reprint is out in 2 versions: papyrus and gold. You probably already saw, but you can get to them by clicking home on the page HOLMES linked to. :)


Hey thanks

I hadn't noticed the pocket size edition but i will probably go for the ''Papyrus and Gold edition'' full size cards 117x70 mm it comes in a two part lined hard case with a gold foil symbol and 3 extra cards, how cool is that :)

What is the card stock like a matte or a high gloss finish!!