the runes of elfland

Laura Borealis

Do any of you Faery people have Brian's new book, The Runes of Elfland? I keep thinking of getting it, then I hold off. I'm not that into runes. But there's something compelling about the art in the book (of course! it's Froud after all) and I keep returning to the idea of getting it.

Any reviews?

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I have this book, and I love it! There's a lot of story telling (as it is the way with the fae). Their not "just" runes, but story tales of how the runes came to be. And their not "traditional" runes either. I showed the book to a friend of mine how's really into studying all types of religion, language, and especially anything having to do with witch craft. She's specializes with the celtic and norse mythology. She said that these runes isn't the traditional alphabet that is "normally" used, although some of the writing is the same, but the symbols are used in representing different letters. She said that she would be especially interested in where the author (not illustrator Brian Froud) got the history of the runes, and how "he" tied it with elves. I don't necessarily care for all of that (not my cup of tea, was always bad at history) but in case if you are looking for actual documented proof and historical (something) then this is not it. However, it's a fun book to read, and I like the runes, and find a truth in the stories. Then again, that's the beauty in religion, the right and ability to believe in whatever you find faith in. I would recommend that you go to the nearest "major" bookstore you have (barnes and nobles, or a borders books and music, walden books, something along those lines) and look through the book. Then decide.

September Pixie

Is this book like his other fairy books or is it in a whole league of its own? I have only seen it online (his site) and didn't really think it was my thing.. now I'm not so sure...? Can you explain a little more about it?


I just got this book about two weeks ago! It's very pretty. The runes in the book however don't follow the usual order (shown here in Rune Study Group) and it doesn't list the names of the runes. For example the rune Tiwaz/Tyr (looks like an arrow pointing upwards) is called The rune of Stewardship.

Each entry for the rune has a cute little poem which is "the charm" section, "the telling" section which is the "history" from personal experience from the author I'm guessing and "the gift" section, as if you were to encounter the elf of this rune.

I got it mostly because it's was cute and a new release from Froud! Love his art!

I'd like it even more if he put out a companion rune deck out.
Just my thoughts.. :)

September Pixie

what about making your own rune stones? :)


I have also had this book on my wishlist from the moment I saw it. Mainly for the art. Thanks for the reviews and comments, I will definetly bump it up on my list of "must-have" books.


September Pixie said:
what about making your own rune stones? :)

I have a couple sets of runes stones, storebought and homemade. I was merely whining I wished he would put out a rune deck that featured his new renderings of elves and faeries from his Elfland book! :) That would be so cool. Even though I don't normally use rune decks, I would use it all the time if he were to put a companion deck out. :sigh: I guess I'll keep dreaming! hehehe :)

September Pixie

write to them and suggest it :) I am SURE they would love to know what we think of his books and oracle.. I'd love to see more done by him as well.. I LOVE his drawings, stories, and obviously his oracle :) I'd write too but I don't own the book yet :(

diane drizzy

Had to get back to my happy Faeries-some of the other boards are getting too "loud" :(

I went to The World of Froud site:

Message for the Frouds
4195 Crisp Canyon
Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91403

There is no E-mail address.

I did take a peek at the book in B&N, but the jury isn't in yet. I don't know anything about runes.

Laura Borealis

I looked at the Runes of Elfland at B&N, also. I'm definitely going to get it, but I'm holding it out as a reward for myself after I get my research papers and stuff done. :)

Besides having Brian's lovely art, I think I will really enjoy Ari Berk's writing. I've read articles and poems by him before, on the Endicott Studio website, and I like his style (plus, while the Runes of Elfland isn't a historically accurate take on runes, he does seem to know his stuff rune-wise. I think in the Runes of Elfland, he was extrapolating creatively on runes, giving the faery perspective).

The other lovely thing about the book is that there are photos of "faery artifacts" -- little rune-inscribed objects, like an oak leaf in silver and other beautiful things. It's really a lovely book overall and I'm definitely going to get it. :)