The Science of Numerology - book from the 1930s?


I have stumbled on a 26-page booklet by "Sagittarius" entitled:

The Science of Numerology

Considered from the Standpoint of Its Usefulness to Man

Being a practical system of application of the ancient

Based on its contents, it may have been published around 1930. You may read it for yourself at:

I don't think the booklet contains any earth-shattering revelations, but then I don't know much about numerology myself. Have a look for yourself!


For some reason I can't quite buy into that sort of numerology, such as the notion that your life is influenced by your name. It seems to make everything too dependent on the whim of one's parents or the specific spelling of one's name. Esoteric numerology, as in P. F. Case's writings, seems to have some validity, however.


Neither do I, but it's interesting to read and kinda funny that the author couldn't resist speculating on a "celebrity" of the time.