the seven deadly sins


Part of the function of tarot is to warn us for certain dangers. So it seems to me that your assignment system is incomplete if you don't relate each of the so-called deadly sins to a card. There are seven of them, namely pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth. There is one which has caused me the most trouble in my life, and I will not be the only one, and that is lying. So in fact there are 8 deadly sins, and my idea is to refer them evenly to the courts in the following way:

greed -- Queen: is fond of exuberance
sloth --- Page: is rather playing, than serving the knight

pride -- King: prides himself that he has the power
lying -- Page: children are prone to lie

gluttony -- Queen: so much money she likes to spent
envy -- Knight: envies the King

lust -- King: is powerhungry, and with that his lust for other things is kindled
wrath -- Knight: his anger gives him the adrenalin to fight

In this way, also the Page ...King are each assigned to two sins too.

Ofcourse, the card should be reversed.

The Happy Squirrel

You could argue that lying is a manifestation of those 7 deadly sins, which are states of being, while lying is a particular behaviour. At least this is my thinking. I don't have comment about the cards' attributions themselves sorry. I personally would probably do this with other type of 'oracle' system. In any case, technically if this is what one wishes to do, it can be done with any deck can't it? Not just Marseilles or other earlier decks?


Yes, I was doubting whether to present the thread to the forum -using tarot cards-, as it has many more visitors.

Maybe the state of being that underlies lying is untruthfulness. People who lie, will also not be true to themselves.

A reason that lying is not included, could also be that it has been used by the (religious or secular) establishment as a very effective tool to retain authority and power through the ages.