The Singer of Courage


I picked this card as part of the "pick a card unseen" game at the beginning of the book, after the most and least appealing cards. The one that will help me deal with Indi and reach Solus...

I was quite struck. I had picked it (unseen) for an AT friend yesterday - it came, I hope, at the right moment for her.

And now it is coming for me. Because I am dealing with many life-changing issues and I have to make a decision that will affect my professional and personal life and my finances: not only whether to stay with my current employer or not, but become independent or not (even if I have to take a part-timer at the beginning). This would represent a sea-change for me, and demands a great deal of courage, not to mention elbow-grease, but I feel the call, the pull, very strongly. So I need time for myself and I am using these cards to process the stuff on my mind.

Having said that, here is how I see this card, not having read about it yet:

The emotional atmosphere: it feels like a ballad, or a hymn - not loud but very perceptible. I saw this and thought of the elven songs in Lord of the Rings. It feels like a heart lifting up, or a great bird flying down with the setting sun at its back, at dusk. Like looking up at a sky full of stars in the mountains. Or a strange dinner party given in a blue cave, with a crystal chandelier shining above. It feels expansive and compassionate.

The physical manifestation: a butterfly, or a glass of wine shining under that chandelier...or a fairy coming to visit at night, when you are half asleep in the blue room. It's someone opening their arms to give me a hug - or my own arms opening. It could be a song or a dance to pep myself up, my heart welling up and the thoughts flowing straight and pure. It could be me picking up the large crystal ball that Indi is carrying and saying - now, I'll use that as a paperwieght, and decide what to do with my life without trying to guess the future in this futile manner, without wanting instant reassurance that it will all be fine and I'll be a crazy success- guaranteed.

Mentally - clarity, shining a light on fears, making plans and taking that first step, and the next and the one after.

Spiritually - hope, compassion, uplift, that voice that whispers - you can do it, Soph, you can...

What I like about it - its sheer beauty, its star-like quality, the fact it reminds me of a crystal chandelier and a bird, a champagne cup as well- now I look closer - full of golden bubbles. Cheers for the new life!

What makes me uncomfortable - its nakedness. Not nudity - I mean spiritual and mental nakedness. No hiding. Courage is about walking out naked in the world. Nowhere to hide when that voice and that light shimmer in my heart.


Courage is about walking out naked in the world.

And praying you can handle what comes. And choosing, at some level, to know that you can, with the help of others.

The images that came to you from the card are as complex and beautiful as all the possibilities that will come from "walking out naked." Now, on the other side of my own most recent walk, I can say with full knowing that when you ask, help comes to make each step possible. The doors open and you know you're on the right path.

I send you courage and support to take the next step.


Thank you Imagemaker - you are right "with a little help from our friends" we are braver.

There's plenty of light in that card for two (or 6 billion!) - as if it were really a glass of champagne or a butterfly - here, take some too!


I have troubles with the singers. I have a hard time feeling the different energies within an image.
This card is no exception, I only see a torso, the bottom light is the belly button, and its arms spread wide, wide chest. I see the beginnings of the Faun, and clear bright archs of light.

Maybe I'm doing this whole thing wrong. Maybe I just don't get symbolism, or I haven't trully connected, with the cards, or anything else.