The Singer of the Chalice (12)


I got this as my daily card yesterday but was too busy to write about it here then.

When I first opened the package with the deck and flipped through them those Singers almost put me off, I found them pretty but doubted I would ever be able to extract any kind of wisdom from them.
I sort of dreaded the day I would pick one but when I did I was pleasantly surprised. First of all - This one is probably my fave "singer" and secondly this is just the right time for me to get it since I have a lot on my mind regarding sharing, community and issues concerning outpouring versus holding in.

Enough of the background.

Here are my impressions on The Singer of the Chalice:
(all my notes are very scattered, more like keywords then full sentances)

OPEN - (but also shutting out)
Spinal cord. Stars like chakras
bird, angel, cup, horns, tree...
Containing - concentrating.
Transforming, making pure = ALCHEMY!

Love, healing, sharing. A Chalice is for the community to drink from.

Toasts to open something, welcoming someone/something new.

The energy here is not fast but rather slow yet unavoidable.
Like rain. It will come down because it must come down.


oh Jema! your words for this singer are marvelous!

I have always had a hard time with this one...I get the Mother/Goddess corelation, but it was hard for me to figure out what else was there.

the poetic "keywords" of your description just clicked right away for me! I totally "get" her now!
Thank you!


Just to add a bit...

I've always seen this card to represent a "happy time", celebration, parties, weddings, etc. A time that people congregate together in celebration. This goes off the theory that Jema originally posted, about a chalice being shared by the community (celebration).

I love your words as well Jema! I think you understand the chalice just fine, and thank you so much for sharing!



Thanks to both of you for the feedback. I love these cards because they are Movers, they all set things in motion: ideas, thoughts, inspiration, dreams...

I too certainly see the wedding/party connection there sagitarian!

Yesterday was also such a happy day for me, a day where I feelt really connected with the people at work and the students in the library, I felt very much in my element, like this is what I am supposed to do!

(todays card was the maiden by the way - will write on her tomorrow - but i can tell you that todays energy is so different!!!)
haha, left you all a little "teaser" there, didn't I?


The Singer of the Chalice is one of my favorite Singers too. There is a strong femininity to her, and lots of emotion. I find myself being like a wise woman on the days she is about. Full of wisdom and kindness. She takes me deep within myself where I can see my potential to love and the person I can be.


This card I see a blue earth nestled in a deep goblet. A baby's head with the crown chakra being born first. I see all the chakras, the solar plexus being the brightest.

I wish I had more to write, deep intuitive insights and beautiful written imagery to share with everyone.