The Song and The Lady of Song


I've been having a bit of trouble with these two. At first I thought of the Song as the Song of the Universe itself and our powerful connections to all things in the world and in the song.....And the Lady of Song was a reminder to STOP and listen to the song and to not get so lost in things that you miss hearing its melody...But I'd like to broaden my understanding of these am interested in your thoughts....

How do you see The Song and The Lady of Song?.....How are they alike in your mind and how are they different. What are their messages in readings? What have they been telling you about themselves?


I need to look at them more, honestly. The first two times I went through the deck, I didn't "see" or remember The Song. I remember the Lady of Song, because she reminded me of The Laume form the FO, but somehow, The Song just faded into the background until the third time I went though the deck. Odd. I wonder what the Piper would have to say about this?