The Sun - 19


Robin has jam-packed "The Sun" with nothing but positive, upbeat and encouraging symbols. How can one remain blue or worried when viewing the child, so full of glee on a delightful pony, the Sunflowers and the brilliant, HUGE sun?! Depending on where this card falls in a spread, I'm generally assured that things are either brighter than I thought or surely will be so soon.

I often tend to go with the thought that reversed cards still carry some of the upright energy that is present in the card...perhaps that energy is somewhat blocked or that I simply was so close-minded in the past, I didn't see it at first.
In any case, rarely does this card reversed mean the opposite, at least to me, of what it stands for. There's simply too much positive energy exuding from it to be completely negative.

I also appreciated Robin pointing out, in the book, that the child in "The Sun" wears the same red feather as "The Fool," and also sports a wreath of white roses. It's neat to think that the child, even after going through much of the Fool's journey, remains positive, joyous and loving. Not to mention that the Fool is depicted younger (at heart) than when he started his adventure...something I plan to ponder further on as I continue my study...


Been a bit stopped on the study (too much work now that summer is here!), but here i am again, trying to learn a bit more about this fantastic deck!! More and more in love with it... :)

spinningspider said:
I'm generally assured that things are either brighter than I thought or surely will be so soon.

There's simply too much positive energy exuding from it to be completely negative.

I think it's my fav card on the deck...
I agree with spinningspider.
For me this is a very positive card indeed. The Sun is shinning and the joyfull smile on the kid's face is just delightfull! Whenever i see this card coming on my (yet small) readings, i start smiling and think: "hehee whatever happens... i'll be having a ball"!! :D
For me it means: super (i mean suuuper!!) joy, fun and detachement (i mean, detachment from grown up things), pureness (in all aspects)

this is what i can say for now... But, i believe it has a bigger/deeper meaning. I need to see what it means when it falls in future and more complex readings, when i get more experience


Suddenly you find yourself again, not that you really ever lost yourself. But, heading into the darkness, obscurs the light, strips you of all those daylight inhibitions. You can imagine, returning to the outside, the little one you once were, in a warm, sunny happy place, the last words you remember from the whispers inside your head, 'like an eagle, you take flight. Your heart is strong. You sing your song.' And that is what it feels like, back in a time, laughing and free, running, in that safe place, where the world has not yet touched you. You are young, and yet at the same time ageless. You are almost back home.

Stopping for a moment, you hear words you do not understand, but they are reassuring nonetheless. Music plays in the air, the way you once imagined it would, and then singing echoes off the distant mountains. This is a place of ponies, and light, where the winds of life are still blowing. And it's time, to live and to give our love, and dream, dreams that can come true, just for you. Today your dream is to catch the rainbow. And you smile, with no thought except of the moment. Life is good.

~ ~ ~

While I have found MOST of Robin's Majors to be really well drawn, and pleasing to the eye, I cannot say that of The Sun card. Here is my impression, as noted in my written journal, during the meeting: I am put off by the drawing of the child; he reminds me of Chuckie, the demon doll.

The idea of the Sun comes through, none the less. Following are my SUN insights:

Take the child's face out of the picture and we have a combination of Magician and a baby Emperor, color and feel wise in this card, though I refer more to The Seeker in comparison.

This card shows a return to and of full light, great joy and a return to the innocence of The Fool/Seeker - child self; unfettered by societal mores. There is purity and courage and strength of pure spirit here. We are the Sundancer!

The seeker nears the end of the journey. This is the time to celebrate and play. A sense of accomplishment abounds.

The Sun represents the completion of 'The Journey' and it is time to go to Judgement City, to look at lessons learned on the journey. Will he move on after judgement? Will he be able to truly have the 'World' at his fingertips?

In a reading, I can see this card would represent that everything is open - what was hidden is now seen. If it should land in the Past position, I would say that the way is open for movement onward. Should it be a present situation, it might represent a project finishing successfully. Finally, the Sun of the Future would represent great potential for success.


ughh!! it reminds you of Chuckie?! That's not good!!
I really don't see that lovelly smile to be like Chuckie!
First time i don't agree with you! :D

But, i agree with everything else you say about it! And really like your final thoughs about the possible meanings in a reading.


Yes, can't help seeing Chuckie in there, but most of the time I don't even see the boy on the pony. The sun is what draws me in first when the card shows up, and interestingly, it has shown up quite often. Granted I'm only using the Majors until I get through each suit.

Peace, Shire