the sun as a healing visualization/power


I remember when I was younger about 20 and they asked me to come over there and clean the house so I only had the sun card so I went over there and use that in my hands like it was a cross.

it always on my mind the sun,, and how it is god's love and what does it mean.

so after talking about using the 22 major arcana to send energy,, I asked my friend on Skype if they would being willing to sit for a sending of sun energy and the friend agreed.

I didn't send it right away as I used the preparation time to call upon the reiki symbols, the unan from super quantum touch, and some karuna ki symbols as opening.

I held the sun card in my hand and picture the sun over their aura like a blessing.. and after a moment said it is going into the head,, , the forhead,, the knucks on the hand, the knees,, the ankles (with a moment pause in between).
then I said the sun energy is now picking you up off the ground and spinning you,, as I picture them engulfed in the sun like a transparent ball.
and now slowly you are coming back down.
then I said,, the sun is now entering all your chakras going into them and cleaning them.. after a moment and I said now it is going up through your and out and leaving..

as I did that, I kept picturing the Icarus and how the sun melt his wings, so it was important not to stay too long in the sun at least at this first excerise.

the feedback was the person had a feeling of misty,, and coolness, which was interesting for I thought it would be warm at least,, then I remember people experience healing differently like it could be very hot to one person while very cold to another person as extreme examples.

this isn't the first time I worked with fire energy, the sacred flames reiki uses the colours of the chakras as flames which I picture as going over a person body and aura..
but first time I equate the flame as the sun.. and I only use the sun as the main thing here instead of say , the violet flame.

the light can take on many forms,, for me it becomes the holyspirit as water,, which spiritually washes over a person.
the idea of it being a mist or smudge is there vaguely for me, to work with in the future.
the one thing I can't get my head around is how to turn it into earth trying to represent the four elements here.

so while the friend felt misty it surprised me but I accepted it that the sun might feel like water or air to a person for light can take on many forms as it is a universal consciousness like in reiki.

I should mention that before this,, I was working with the hara which according to Barbara ann Brennen is a small red ball two inches below your belly button about in the same area as your sexual center, but at a deeper dimension and I was saying "I want to be here.. "using it as a grounding tool as I reads at the fair this weekend. in her book light emerging she talks about working with it can cause it to become white hot.
I am remind of solar light teaching by orin and daben as it is the light of the soul of the sun as well.

to be truthful it has been a long time since I worked with this , but it felt natural like a block has been unleashed.

I used the sun card from the wizard tarot but it isnt' about using the tarot, or talking the tarot but very very vaguely but more about using the power of the sun energy at least to me.