the sun as a warning?


doing a reading for myself the other day, i got the sun as a warning card. i wasn't sure what it meant and asked for clarification. all i could figure was that it has something to do with my husband (the king of discs) and a vague idea that it was to happen soon, but that didn't help.

any ideas on what the sun could warn about?


That which was hidden shall be revealed...laid out in the open, exposed. Something you are hiding? Or something your husband is hiding? Or something neither of you are aware of.


sometimes the tarot is so to the point that we hardly see it.
could it be that you should be careful in the sun?
use sunblock, wear a hat, make sure the cooler in the car got plenty of water?

just an idea.

sometimes the tower can mean that a thunderstorm is coming, the chariot that the car is breaking down, 8 of wands a package to pick up at the post-office...


what about the possibility that the sun could represent your father ? or a boss ?


Maybe you have to be sure to wear sunscreen? LOL.. sorry, couldn't resist :)


It's pretty hard to tell without knowing the full spread, but just in general, I would take this as a warning against being over-confident.


So many possibilities and i'm going to give you one more ;)

Maybe the card is waring you not to be to optimistic... And the king of disc could also be seen as an overly confident man.

Just a thought:)


you've all given me a lot to think about. i don't think it could have been a literal meaning in this case (though i know sometimes the cards like to do so), but the ideas of illusions, hidden things, and overconfidence, could certainly work.

especially the overconfidence. yeh... i think i know what it was telling me know.

thank you all :}


maybe it means, "be carefull in broad daylight". sun, daylight...