The sun


I hadn't really paid it much attention before (cardinal sin) but
read someone's take on the significance of the wall behind the
horse and rider.

The author put forward the view that the horse had , previously, jumped over it , and that this indicated the ability to
get over problems / difficulties.

I thought about this , and thought "ok , fair enough ...but
on the other hand it could represent some kind of barrier "

When the Sun comes up in my readings , it often signifies
someone with tunnel vision (they may be brilliant in one field of study ,and a little obsessive about it , but clueless elsewhere ) , or a lack of demonstrative emotions. (as though all that heat has dried something up )
This can be problematic for them , or others, ...hence the


“As the Sun at meridian height is the glory and beauty of the day…”

Look at the wall…there is no shadow. Therefore, it is shown at meridian height.

There is no place for illusions (The Sun follows The Moon) to hide.

The Sun reveals that which was hidden, and reveals the truth…

Truth often is a barrier to those who are stuck in falsehoods.

As the wall is too high to jump, and under the light of day is seen to be a wall – one has a choice to remove it or go around it.



The walls of the Sun

To me, this card has always signified a kind of Innocence,

(whether it is True Innocence, or a child-like state, or merely the deceiving sort, whereas someone pretends to be innocent, or ignorant, to avoid taking responsibility for thier own actions...depends entirely on the rest of the reading.)

My thought is this:
The wall represents the past, and the earlier state of innocence that one has come from (jumped the wall at an earlier time)and which they can never return to. The sunflowers suggest growth, and the idea that one has come a long way already, and so has no need of returning. So, it *is* a barrier.

Also in this, is the idea that one can return to a state that is *like* innocence...a feeling of play, and whimsy, and childlike wonder, but the wall is there to remind them that with knowledge and growth, they can return to the true innocence that they started the journey with.


Another take is that the wall represents security (possibly the womb as a child is involved). The question then becomes which side of the wall is the horse and child - the inside (secure) or the outside (at risk?)

From an Astrological point of view the wall is Saturn - lord of limit, restriction, time and of course building. The Sun rules Leo, opposite the Saturnian sign of Aquarius - perhaps in order to realise our Sun we need to turn away from the restriction of the wall and take a risk.

Incidentally it appears that the Sunflowers are on the 'other' side of the wall, so maybe we are venturing away from the secure and into a new world. This seems to echo the Fool but the horse clearly knows where he is going.


With the child and horse facing away from the wall, and the wall being directly behind them and not really at an angle with them (other than 90ish), it seems like the wall is something in the past, perhaps a barrier that was in the past, a problem, something that was overcome through growth (hence the sunflowers).
The horse is a "fight or flight" animal, very instinctual, usually flight, but this horse seems to have its ears back somewhat (since I'm seeing no shadowing of the inner ear), not pricked forward, showing that it could be slightly defensive, and with the head being slightly lowered, this also shows me an attitude of cautious wariness, perhaps in relation to the problems in the past.
The child seems to be rather happy, almost victorious, and with the feather in his/her hair, it may symbolise that even though problems have been met in the past, and growth has occured, success over it has occured, truth has been gained, and a certain amount of innocence has been maintained (hence why the child is a toddler and not a newborn).


The wall is a protective barrier that shields the toddler from outside influences that he/she may not need to be around. Given the nature of teh horses pose, it is a very calm one and is used to being in this courtyard. (i say courtyard as their permeters are usually made of walls like this.) The Horse also seems protective of the child, a trusted steed (or pony i suppose) raised from birth to be in this childs care and jurisdiction.

For some reason Humpty Dumpty comes to mind, not just becaue of teh wall, but becasue of all the kings horses as well. This young child is of noble nature and will someday become king, at teh same time he rides a white horse like the figure of Death on card XIII.

Innocence, warmth, openness. All of these qualities are expressed in their fullest.


ok this just came to me so it may not be too lucid or cohesive

The Sun -
nakes person, naked white horse, red feather, sun at meridian

triumphant - new born should be but isn't vulnerable

dressed person Armoured even how protected can you get? dressed white horse, red feather, dawning sun

(and let's throw The Fool in dressed on his own feet red feather)

i think we're meant (or maybe just i'm meant ;-)) to see these as linked

there are other cards in the deck with red feathers..
minors... 9-cups (smirking guy seems to be hiding - something behind him to me...*also three feathers.. so maybe less related? trying to e related but not quite getting it?) ... knight of wands (tch maybe he dyed his horse although thats more a plume than a feather so perhaps not related) page of pentacles again a plume and not i think really related but i mention him just in case... page of wands a smaller single feather and to me V reminiscent of those in the majors so to me the really Closely linked are:

fool, death, sun, page of wands..... now i just need to find out why/how (who what where when yeah yeah i spread more confusion than anything)

(edited for minor typing errors just like usual)


This site says about the red feather:

Red Feather - this is is the same feather that appears on the Fool and Death cards. Waite may be hinting that the Fool has been transformed through the mystical Death and now appears as an innocent small child.