The Sun


I mentioned on another topic that my personal card is "The Sun". I am therefore trying to learn more and more in regards to this card and how it applies to my life.

Correlations that I see are with I Ching, # 30 Li/The changing fire. I see this card as one with warmth and with life. Very joyous card, playful, and light. On the otherhand, it mentions difficulties with seeing the truth of those qualities, difficulties in wading through all of the emotion. Difficulties possible with overdoing things or being overbearing. A call for learning how to moderate the energy so that it is useful and not "too much".

How do others see this card?


As with any of the Tarot cards, 19The Sun can express a broad spectrum of meanings from both ends or opposites. Therefore, it can represent enlightenment, success, self-acceptance, the God force, reward, healing, joy, opportunity, the sublime. Or delay, possible loss, depression, illness, etc.


Thanks MeeWah! Unfortunately, this is one of the cards that I really don't like all that much. Likely as it has personal lessons that I should be working on!


i always get a good feeling from the sun - as if i stepped outside on a warm summer day. the sun means joy and freedom, lazy days, and warm nights, innocence and childlike facination.

on the down side, i can imagine the sun swinging to all the negatives of the previously mentioned attributes - overwhelming heat, as if you're in the desert, freedom to the point of loneliness or abandonment, lazy to the point of useless, and innocence/childishness to the point of ignorance. i suppose if i were to use reversed meanings, i'd probibly read the sun reversed like that.

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The Sun reminds me of that song.."I could not ask for more" can't think offhand who sings it, but it's about that moment in time that you don't want to end because everything is so perfect.

On the reverse side, I see it as kind of a rose colored glasses outlook, or even as a need to step back and "smell the roses" depending on the surrounding cards and how it feels.


When I get the sun, I feel...........blessed.Joy , happiness, warmth, summer,childhood,Confidence,Love. The Sun is a star,our star without which no life would exist on earth.It is SO much larger and contains and gives millions of times more light and energy than any planet. I also feel the sun card means we are all one , all connected. I have a difficult time seeing any negative interpretation of it , except perhaps reversed , it's energies are misused , warped ,held back, or weakened.


The Sun always reminds of my first day i slept in my little appartment away from my parents.
I felt a little lonely but also really grown up.
( 17 years old and going to university)
I pulled a card that evening and it was the Sun.

I always see the sun child being happy and looking foreward to the future with hope. But in the background you can see a wall where he is moving away from.( Home?)

Well that was exactly how i felt that day.



Unfortunately, I have not had much dealings with teh Sun....

However, I have taken it to mean happy times ahead, a good and prosperous future to look forward to, confidence, triumph, children, family, and also involovement in charity work.



Quote:Kyriesummer (06 Aug, 2001 15:57):
Thanks MeeWah! Unfortunately, this is one of the cards that I really don't like all that much. Likely as it has personal lessons that I should be working on!

I find that odd... cos as we are both Leos, the sun is our guiding planet. then again, the sun card is one of those cards that i too have an issue with as that it is so firey and diverse in meanings.

trying to meditate to the card or it's symbolism gives me chaotic results and it seems to all be dependant on my mood for the day.

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I'm also a Leo and I find that The Sun card, especially the Rider Waite one, draws me. I think its maybe the carefree child, the sense of happiness, the sunflowers basking in bright sunshine but also a slight warning with the sun at the back of the child and horse.