The Tarot of Bones: A Natural History Themed Deck


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Hey folks! The deck is here!!! It arrived earlier in the week while I was down in San Jose at PantheaCon. Now that I'm back at my studio, I'm starting to pack up IndieGoGo and other preorders so I can start shipping them early this week. I do need to balance shipping time with other efforts like pulling together rent (since all money from Tarot of Bones sales goes into defraying the final costs--I'm still somewhat in the red, but making good progress!) But I'm going to be working hard over the next few weeks to get everything shipped; please be patient with this largely one-woman operation. And again, if you'd like to purchase the Tarot of Bonbes deck and/or book, you can do so at

Also, if you were one of the IndieGoGo backers, this is just one more reminder to please double-check and make sure your shipping address is correct! Please change your address in your IndieGoGo account *- directions are at*

Thank you so much <3


AND - mine (I was a backer) is here - it is as "different" as I expected. Thanks, Lupa :) Everyone needs this :D


Gregory, glad to hear yours arrived alright! I hope you very much enjoy working with it :) And thank you for the kind compliment.


Great news! In addition to the official Tarot of Bones shop, you can now also buy the Tarot of Bones deck and book (together or separately) on my Etsy shop! This is great for those of you who prefer that particular platform. In fact, the Tarot of Bones is now available on several of your favorite online spaces:

The official Tarot of Bones shop:

My Etsy Shop:

My eBay Store:

My Storenvy Shop:

Amazon: Deck:

Amazon: Book:

All of these, of course, are fulfilled by me. If you buy from the shop on the Tarot of Bones site, I don't have to pay any listing or sales fees, just Paypal; all the other platforms require additional fees. However, I know it's more convenient for some of you to use these other platforms, so take your pick! And yes, your book will be signed regardless of which platform you buy it through.

Thank you :)


Hi, folks! You may have noticed that the Tarot of Bones does not come with a Little White Book. That's for a couple of reasons:

--I was trying to cut down on paper usage, hence doing a simple tuck box instead of something more elaborate. (I tried to have the printer not plastic-wrap the decks, but they said not doing so could cause damage to the decks during transit.)

--The information that you would find in a LWB--basic meanings of the cards, both upright and reversed--is already available for free on the website in the Card Art Gallery at . Just click on each individual card (you can narrow things down to the Major Arcana or one of the suits with the menu above the images in the main gallery) and you'll get several images of the assemblage for that card as well as the final card art, along with information on what materials are included (including species of skulls, etc.) I've also included brief upright and reversed meanings.

Generally speaking, the species of bones used in the Pips don't really matter; I just used whatever I had on hand that worked well in the assemblage. For example, I used a deer leg bone in the Ace of Wands, but the fact that it's deer didn't really factor into the card's meaning when I was designing it. Rather, the leg bone was the right size and shape for the assemblage. With some of the Courts and Majors I go into a little more detail on species, as with Temperance here.

Additionally, the Daily Draws aren't just for promotion. They're also for you to see the cards in action, and how I interpret them.

I know that this deck often departs quite a ways from traditional RWS-style art, and if you didn't pick up the Tarot of Bones Companion Book you may be feeling a little lost. I am always happy to help you as best as I can if you want to know more about a given card. Just email me at lupa(dot)greenwolf(at)gmail(dot)com