The Tarot of Bones: A Natural History Themed Deck


What a marvelous looking deck! Quite unique. I've just backed it, and spread the word on social media as well -- I hope you make your funding goal :).


It's going splendidly. I have seen some links spreading around on social media, you've got great momentum.


Can you believe it? We funded the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign ( in its first 100 hours! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who chipped in, whether by backing the campaign or spreading the word or being moral support through this crazy week. So now that we’ve got our first $5,000 (and change) what’s next? Allow me to announce our first stretch goal:

If the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign gets to $7000 before it ends, I will add a Happy Squirrel card to the official Tarot of Bones deck and book.

What’s the Happy Squirrel card? It’s something of an in-joke among tarot fans, stemming from a 1995 episode of The Simpsons. Here’s more of an explanation:

The $5000 already covers my materials for the assemblages, with a little left over to put toward printing/shipping, perk fulfillment and other administrative costs. If we get to $7000, I will have more administrative funding, and I’ll make a Happy Squirrel assemblage piece to be included as the 79th card in the deck.We’re already at a little over $5700–let’s see how fast you can make me have to come up with the next stretch goal! Head to to back the campaign today!


I have two more cards for you--and an update!

Five of Cups:
Three of Wands:

And holy schmoly--the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign is currently 146% funded at $7275, with 29 days still to go! Yes, this means there WILL be a Happy Squirrel card in the official Tarot of Bones!

I've announced two new stretch goals. At $9000 I'll offer an exclusive, only for IndieGoGo backers, Livestream workshop on how to use the Tarot of Bones once the deck and book are out (with a video sent to any backers who weren't able to make it). And if we hit $12,000, I'm going to do an audiobook version of the Tarot of Bones book. You can find out more details and back the campaign if you like at

And thanks to everyone so far who's backed the campaign, as well as those who have passed the link on to others, and everyone who's commented here with support and questions--i really appreciate all of it :)


....and a few more assemblages for your viewing pleasure:

Nine of Swords:
Eight of Swords:
Two of Wands:

There's still two weeks left to back the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign! It's currently 165% funded at $8265--the materials are definitely covered, and all the rest of the money will go toward defraying the considerable costs for this project. You can back the campaign at


Really been on a roll with Swords lately! Here are three more:

Also, we have less than ten days before the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo is finished! We're currently $590 away from reaching the next stretch goal at $9000. Want to be a part of that milestone? Here's the link:


I'm back from my Oregon desert adventures! If you'd like to see pictures and stories from the last few days, you can read 'em at

In the meantime, I've wasted no time in getting back to work now that I'm home! Here's the Nine of Pentacles, the 33rd assemblage completed:

It's a wonderful card, signifying that your hard work is coming to fruition and you can enjoy the results of all that effort. I certainly hope this card will be prominent in my life next year when the Tarot of Bones is released; it's been a labor both of love and creativity, and I allowed myself to appreciate my progress so far.

And I'm just six cards away from being halfway done with the assemblages, and it's still six weeks away from the midway point of the year! I'm aiming to have those six pieces done by the end of May, which would put me a full month ahead of schedule. I really am enjoying this project, and I can't wait to hold the final deck and book in my hands.

Speaking of that, I already posted this morning about the Tarot of Bones IndieGoGo campaign being over $9,000--but here's another quick reminder. Just five days left! Here's the link: