The Tarot of Bones: A Natural History Themed Deck


Two more assemblages, which brings me halfway (not including the extra Happy Squirrel card)--and I'm a month ahead of schedule!

Eight of Cups:
Knight of Pentacles:

For my IndieGoGo backers: last week I sent out an email to all the IndieGoGo backers who got the “Book Lover” #1 or #2, “Add a Print”, or “Deck, Book and Pouch Combo perk packages”, asking you what your preferences were (what books/prints/leather color you wanted). There were also a few people who gave enough to get a perk, but didn’t select a perk, and I wanted to make sure that you hadn’t just accidentally forgotten to pick a perk.

I’ve heard back from a bunch of you–thank you! But I still haven’t heard from a fair number of you. So if you have not yet responded to last week’s email, please reply ASAP! If you don’t recall getting an email and you picked one of the above perks, please check your inbox and your spam filter, or just email me at lupa.greenwolf(at) and we’ll talk details.


Wow. I'm super, super into this. If I'd seen it before I would have funded. I do hope there's a way for me to purchase this when it comes out? Seriously, gorgeous work and as a fellow creative/freelance person, I am *so* impressed that you're a month ahead of schedule. :)


Hey, thank you for your kind compliment :) The deck/book will be available for general purpose once it's released next year, so no worries there.