The Tarot of Vampyres - Ace of Scepters


The element of Scepters is Fire and the colour is red. This suit represents passionate involvement and spiritual creativity.

There are 10 blood red roses in the Ace. The books says there is one rose for every following number cards to symbolise that they are all contained within the Ace. Red roses symbolise passion, vitality, active energy and the feeling of being alive. There is good reason red roses are a symbol of passionate love and of course there is a big red rose in the Lovers. Several of the Major characters have a red rose in their hands or near them (the Fool, the Empress, the Emperor, the Star, the Sun) The Wheel of Fortune has a red rose -and let´s not forget the big red rose in all of the card backs.

The Scepter is in the form of a cross which is perhaps a bit odd but I guess it has to do with the Gothic theme of the deck. Maybe crosses are a must in a Gothic deck. The cross is studded with rubies and the red ruby heart at the top of the Scepter looks like the ruby heart in the Lovers. Also the Magician is wearing a ruby and the Queen of Scepters is the owner of some really gorgeous rubies.

The animal of the Scepters is a black panther, a very powerful and fierce animal that we can also see in many of the Majors. The Chariot, the Strength, Judgement and of course the World all have Panthers in them. The Panther is a solar animal but in its black phase it is also associated with the night and the moon and with the dark secrets and shadows of the soul. It is an animal of passion and of standing your ground which is why it is a good guardian and ally. In the Scepters we can see black panthers in the Five, Six (a particularly fierce looking one with blood on its fangs!) and in the Queen. The Seven is a shapeshifter turning into a Panther herself.

Some interpretations for this card
-action, courage
-inspiration, intensity, enthusiasm
-energy flowing outward
-creativity, passion, desire
-Carpe Diem, live in the moment
-synchronicities, new opportunities