The Tarot of Vampyres - Five of Skulls


The scene is happening at night in a cemetery with a beautiful full moon. A werewolf who was transformed by the full moon has just killed a female vampire. Whether she was going back to her grave in her beautiful white dress or she had just gotten out of it is unknown. She obviously overestimated herself and thought she was at the top of the food chain but she found out that wasn't true, the predator became the prey. The werewolf triumphantly stands beside her bleeding body and looks at us aggressively as if he doesn't want us to touch his prey. His red shiny eyes reminds me of the male vampire of the Four of Skulls who has red shiny eyes too. The female vampire's head is in a weird angle which makes me think she was almost decapitated.

Both the mercurys symbol and the taurus symbol are on the tomb in the back. I mention this because Five of Coins is mercury in taurus.

I want to point that since the deck is heavily inspired by the Thoth, the keyword for this card is WORRY.


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