The Tarot of Vampyres - The World


All the suit animals are shown in the World but it´s the Grail´s animal snake that seems to be the most prominent in the World. The woman/Goddess is playing with the snake and is about to kiss it, in fact. The bite marks on her neck could be from a snakebite (or a Vampyre bite, of course). There are many snakes in this deck but there seems to be just a few types of snake. There´s the long black one in this card and the one in the Death looks the same. Then there´s the big dark green snake (with spots on the sides) in the Six of Grails and the Hanged Man. There is also a small leaf green one in the Two of Grails (I think it is a snake?) and a longer bright green one in the Seven of Grails. And the Queen of Grails has (or is!) a snake, too.
Snakes deal with the primordial life force. Some of its traditional associations are: cycles, rebirth, fertility, eternity, intuition, cunning, awareness, healing, rejuvenation and transformation.

The Panther of Scepters is clearly visible behind the Woman/Goddess and the snake and so is the Raven of Swords. But the animal of the Skulls, the Wolf, has become almost invisible at the upper corner on the right. Why is this? As if the Wolf had moved to another dimension and become a Spirit animal. The book says that the Wolf is holding the white rose of Kether which is also held by the Fool at the beginning of the journey.

The companion book mentions Persephone as the Kindred Spirit of this card, as well as “The Great One of the Night of Time”. For me this would be Nyx or her daughter Hekate.

Some meanings of the World (from the companion book):
-completion of a great journey, reaching our goal, the end of the quest
-happy times, synchronicities, pure harmony
-crystallization of spirit in the material world, manifestation, completion
-burning off of old Karma
-allowing new patterns to emerge
-reconciliation with our Shadow (symbolized by the serpent´s kiss), facing fears
-dance of light and shadow, unifying opposites into a new whole, synthesis
-all the four elements converge creating absolute and divine beauty

Shadow (Rx):
-greed, separation, loneliness, emptiness, selfishness, insecurity, ill health, poverty, delays, chaos.