The things I missed in this deck - after 28 years of looking!!


1) The guard in the 6 of Cups

You see, I am reading Robert Place's wonderful book; he points out the minutest detail. If I noticed that li'l guy before, I sure don't remember!

2) The men at the campfire in the 7 of Swords

Another minute detail that just escaped me!

I have to admit I feel a little bit embarrassed about this non-thorough knowledge of the very 1st deck I ever used. (It was my sister's; my actual 1st deck was The Aquarian, rather spare as to details!)

I'm sure that there will be more little things as I go through the deck in the book.

Am I alone in this, or have others too scrutinized the deck (or else read that book! :p ), & found things that they missed for, like, years?


Hi danubhe-

There were a lot of things I missed too until reading Place's book. I'm still finding new things all the time.

I had no clue the "sun" in the background of Temperance was actually a crown till I bought the Radiant RW in which it is shown clearly. The garland around the waist of the woman in Strength is wrapped around the lion's neck. It's hinted at in the standard RWS, but the Albano shows it clearly. The King of Pentacles is resting his left foot on an animal's neck.

You're not alone!




i didnt notice those things well i did notice the Pentacles card. but the others i didnt i am going to pull out my deck.


I have been using RWS for thirty years and here is a few things I have just noticed over the last few years.
7 Wands = Two different shoes on the defender
Queen of Cups= Side view throne has cherub holding a fish(Page as youngun?)
King of Pentacles= His Left foot appears to be resting on The head of Thoth as Baboon(poking borax at Crowley I think)
7 Swords= there is a group of figures behind his right leg. (could be playing cards?)
There is always something new it seems with pamela's cards. ~Rosanne


Rosanne said:
7 Wands = Two different shoes on the defender
Sure enough, two different shoes. Dang, I wonder what else I'm missing.



Hehe, I think you mean "different kinds of shoes" - they would be 2 different shoes, lol! ;)


Hehe Correction! The defender on the 7 Wands has a different style of footwear on each foot- they are not a matching pair! Howzat? ~Rosanne
Another detail! The yellow tunic on the Knight of Wands is decorated with Lizards in Polynesian style hehe.


That I think I caught, but there sure are other things!!



Sandra Thomson pointed out to me the word "DIN" at the top of foremost leg of the Magician's table. As one title of the left pillar on the Tree of Life this hints at the table itself representing the the temple of the High Priestess. And I thought I knew all the details of the deck!!! It shows there's always more to find. What a deck!



The Things I Missed in this deck

Yes, that 6 of Cups scene is both artistically simple and symbolically rich. It seems to be in winter, at least, the children (one giving,one receiving) are bundled up. Star-flowers bloom out of all the 6 Cups. A man with a lance or spear walks up steps toward a tower, behind a great star-flowered Cup which stands over a down-pointing shield with a St. Andrews cross, to the left of the two children. Lance, star-flower, cup, cross, children. Tiphareth, Grail, innocence, giift being given, heart-center full of warmth and goldenly glowing.