The Tower drawn three times in readings for self


I was doing a one card reading the question I asked was if an event was goin to happen and the card that came up was the tower then the next week I did another one card reading asking the same question and the tower card came up again, is it telling me that this event is not going to happen? help


The tower generally means a big change is on the way. Perhaps something is going to happen that you don't expect? Or in a way you wouldn't expect it to happen. Does that help?

Rhiannon :)


Agree with Rhiannon.
It can also reflect one's feelings--anticipation or apprehension of the unknown; turmoil; as well as be preparation or a warning for an upcoming change or upheaval. It need not be of a negative connotation.



the tower indicates that structures (as also ideas or convictions are structures) thought stable will fall. It reminds us not to define ourselves by external things and not to trust our happiness to anything but our inner world.



Agree with all the above but will add this, It's possible that something has already happened and the card is trying to get you to *SEE* it. The Tower indicates denial or blindness to the truth. It's the "wake-up and smell the coffee!" card. If you've gotten it twice in a row, it might be yelling at you to open your eyes and take a good look around. Things aren't what they seem. You're being lied to, bamboozled, fooling yourself, building on false foundations, etc. Time to face reality, however harsh.

Does that help?


thanks verybody now I have an idea of what the tower card is telling me.


Hmm...I doubt the event will happen
yep.........I doubt it.
That is what the card says