The Truth Hurts readings...



I have 2 new decks that are so honest that sometimes it stings. I love them!

Les Vampires Oracle and the Shadows and Light Oracle. I will choose 1 card from 1 deck to give you a no holds barred look at the situation. Short and to the point. Warning...sometimes the message makes you say "OUCH" so only sit if you are ready to go to The Dark Side of the matter.

These will be done over the next few required.



Ooh, lovely. They sound cool. We all need a bit of the truth, huh.

Please could you tell me how much K values me being in his life?


Hi! How does E.L.W. feel about our connection? Thank you.


Hi EmpressArwen
Do you need a specific question? If not can you draw a card for my relationship with AC?
Background : he is an ex who doesn't want to stay in touch but i need him in my life and i would like to stay friends.


Ok I'll try. Does A want to be committed? (We are casually dating). Thank you.


Hi Empress :)
Will i find my own place by the end of Aug
What is the truth about RB and i connection?


I would love one!

Can I have a message I need to hear?


What truth will c(my man) tell his ex wife (p) soon?


Hi I would love one of these please. My question: Will I find a new friend to do things with over the next 6-12 months?

Thank you so much!