The two and the three of Wands


I went back and reviewed Thirteen's comments, but they didn't help as much as I had hoped. Maybe I am just being thick here, but would someone please explain to me the difference between the two and the three of wands. I tend to get almost the same feeling from each of them. Thanks.


well the diff between them may be difficult to see.


The 2 wands is a choice of passion. You will see red rosed meaning heart and white lilly?s meaning mind crossing each other. The man holding one staff in hand and the other stand besides him - him viewing over sea.

THis means that he has a choice to make, maybe the conflict is between heart and mind.

The 3wands you see a man between 2wands and one behind him - he is viewing the oceans, maybe waiting for ships to come to shore or maybe sending them a fare well.
This cards relates to projects, tasks waiting to get started or just being finished.

In a chat I have been participating we got the card to relate to the person as being done with her part of the project just waiting for the others to finish up too, so they could move on.

Hope this helps you some

:) bec



The best explanation I've ever seen of the difference between these two cards comes from the LWB that ships with the Rohrig Tarot. It describes the 2 of Wands as " creative energy waiting to be channeled" and the 3 of Wands as "channeled energy leads to success."

I usually see the difference as being one of image vs. substance.

In the 2 of Wands (traditional Waite-Smith image), you have a central character who displays all the trappings of success. He dresses the part and symbolically holds the world in his hand. However, if you look closely, you will notice that he bolts his wand to the wall - more a sign of insecurity than success. Here is someone who wants people to believe that he is successful, even if its not exactly the truth.

On the other hand, in the 3 of Wands (which is probably my favorite card in the deck), you have a central figure who stands comfortably and confidently on a hilltop watching the ships at sea. His wands are simply planted in the earth and he leans casually on one of them. This is someone who has done all that he can do to ensure his own success and is now trusting the universe to do the rest. He knows his ship will come in - it's just a matter of being patient and maintaining his watch.


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Okay. (Just 'til somebody else comes along.)

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Think about the difference between two and three, how you feel about them. Two, you are standing on your own two feet. Couples, etc. Three, you've added a walking staff and become a tripod. Much more certain when walking on shifting mountain terraine.

Two: You've started on the path, contemplating your future. You may have to wait for things to develop, which requires great patience. You are looking for balance between two things. Wait for plans to bear fruit.

Three: Combinations and achievements, ambitions and, again, future vision. Perhaps a solid basis in what you have already accomplished. A launching pad.

Well, nuts!, Marion. The above sounds like fodder for a very bad Little White Book.

I thought I knew what I meant, until I started to contribute part of an answer to your question. Now, I wonder.

'Bout all I can say is, thank you for raising this question.

Now, I'll sit back, with fingers crossed, and read.



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I should always wait a day, a week, a month, before answering (or contributing to the clutter of confusion) any question.

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Quote:Marion (26 Feb, 2002 07:27):
I went back and reviewed Thirteen's comments, but they didn't help as much as I had hoped.

Hm. Gonna have to go over those two and do some editing! :)

Two. There are two things you really, really want to do. One is be an Olympic speed skater. The other is be an Olympic swimmer. You can't do both, splitting your energy and time that way. You have to completely give yourself to one passion or the other in order to succeed. Your gut instinct says: pick speed skating. You do, and it feels right.

In a reading, you might tell someone, "You've a tough decision to make, trust your instincts and give all your energy to one thing, don't try to do both."

Three. You train and work at speed skating. Now you've reached the first step. Have you done enough, gotten enough credit and points and beaten enough folks in little races to be allowed into the bigger race. NOT the Olympics, but the first step to the Olympics. You sit by the phone and wait for the call. There's nothing more you can do--all energy, focus, time and passion has been put into this. But don't worry, it looks good that all your effort will pay off. Good news is coming your way.

Is that a better explaination?


Mojo, bec, Talisman, Thirteen,
You all came it slightly differently, so I think a picture is emerging here.
One thing that attracts my attention is that the man in the 2 of Wands seems to be looking at a globe and standing behind a balustrade while the man in the 3 of wands is looking right at the world with nothing in front of him.
One book I have describes the two of Wands as 'personal power, boldness and originality' and the three as 'leadership, foresight and exploration'. That have have been part of the problem, because for me those didn't quite fit.
Mojo, your comments make them sound a bit like hexagrams 63 and 64 in the I Ching... "Not yet fording" and "Already crossed". I can see that.
Talisman... I think I do see your point. That the third 'leg' shows the confidence and stability of achievement, added to personal goals and ambitions.
Thirteen... I just meant the explanations in your posts weren't full enough for the puzzlement I was feeling. Thanks for the amplification. Been watching the Olympics lately, have you? :)
Thanks all, good steps.



Mojo: just wanted to say that you painted a great picture explaining the wands. :)

All of you above have done a good job separating the two cards (or two and three) from one another. Thanx. ;)


another incoming contribution :)

2 of wands: a man is holding the world but one of his wands is bolted to the wall...he is torn between action and inaction, staying in the situation he is currently in which is safe and familiar (but also may be boring) or jumping into a new situation which means growth and learning, taking a chance, since it is a wands card it means physical action, so you could sum it up like this, wand that is bolted (security/familiarity) world (taking a chance, moving out of a situation that you have outgrown)

3 of wands: a man is watching the boats on the water, the decision he made in the 2 of wands, to take a chance and move forward has now put him in a position where he can seek out new opportunities, (business/relationship/career, etc) because now he has an idea of what he wants to accomplish, it looks pretty good for him :)

just my 2 cents :p