The two pillars - Josephus and Egypt


The 'Bardic origins' thread has turned to discussions of the two pillars.

Thought it might be good to start a new thread about this, since it promises to lead away from bards into other avenues.

Josephus also speaks of two pillars, on which were inscribed the antedeluvian wisdom which is part of the traditions throughout the older world. Lichtheim has even translated an old Egyptian version of the story... and the same idea is connected with our pack by the essayist who called himself Monsieur de M*** in Monde Primitif. (Within the last couple of years, this person is said to have been a certain Compte de Mellet, and this is now accepted among most researchers into western card-games and their packs)

I am not arguing for or against a direct connection between these paired pillars and the pillars depicted in some packs - only saying that this legend is a long-standing and widespread one in the western Med. and further east.