The Twos


So, Two. Duality and choices.

I picked out not only the High Priestess but also Strength (11, so reduces to 2 if you addd the digits) and also Judgement (20) as well just to see.

To me, the most obvious two-ness at first glance is in:

2 of Pents - her and her reflection, image and reality - which is which?
2 of Swords - the two choices either side of her, why did she put that sword in the stone and isn't the candle going to burn down really fast leaving her with one choice if she doesn't make her mind up soon?
2 of Chalices - such a sweet card, the two people! And what's with the caduceus - sign of friendship I seem to remember.
Strength - because she has a mask which implies an outer and an inner person.

The 2 of Wands as we've discussed before implies that choice is an illusion and we'll all end up in the same place in any case - perhaps with the angel in Judgement calling us from the ground?

And the High Priestess, well, still Very Scary.