The way I am.


I thought it would interesting/ comforting/ healing to find out what I take from my parents since I'm off to spend the holidays with them.
Drama is usually on the agenda when our lot get together :(

What have I inherited form my mother?

What have I inherited from my father?

The kind of person it makes me

How is it helping me through life?

The results have been very interesting to say the least!


Wow, I love this idea!

This spread could also be expanded to include grandparents or other ancestors. I'm going to try that, since they're such a mystery to me (didn't know any of them).

Thank you so much for sharing this. Very inspiring!

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I've been trying really hard to concentrate on the positive when it comes to my family and this spread actually worked a treat.
I just need to remember it now as I'm leaving today.
I'll try adding my grandparents too myself :D