The Whole Deck?


Hi there,
I didn't know there was a gay tarot before seeing this study group. (Been out of touch with the latest in tarot of late...) I wonder, is there anywhere on the net that shows the entire deck?

Thanks :)


That came up a bit earlier and this was the response

There might be more cards posted on the net since that thread but I haven't seen any, perhaps others have.

Out of curiosity, are you looking to se the whole deck because you want to be sure about it before you purchase? Those of us who have the deck could probably answer your qustions here.

Maybe it's just me but I have many a times purchased a deck partly just to see how every single card is done. There is something I enjoy about encountering the cards for the first time while flipping through them once I've bought them. Purchasing a deck once I've already seen it all has been a bit... anticlimactic at times.


Thanks very much for directing me towards that thread.

I am considering getting the deck, from what I have seen so far, it looks quite beautiful.

Yeah, I know the feeling of 'discovering' a new deck for the first time.

Thanks again!