The Wildlife, that surrounds us:


Thanks, guys! :)
The thing is, we have both: A nesting pair of Northern Harriers and a Cooper's Hawk - or maybe 2 the Harrier eats Mice and Frogs and is a bit bigger and we see both of them every day slowly gliding just above the marsh.
The Coopers is a stealth bomber, that attacks our Birds at the feeder and plucks them out of mid air. We are no big fans of him and are very undecided, if the one on the picture is the male Harrier or the Female Coopers, as they are so close in size...
We will have to keep watching.....


zebra doves continued, debra & debra

This is me and Debra Zebradove at Kawapali Market

I'm up to "D" in alphabetical order. Mr. Smith was there, so he named the bird after me.

She got away from me before I finished

I was swearing, I was so upset with myself for letting her get out of my hands

Her legs were tied together

I did cut the main bindings so she can walk and I took care of one foot, but the other still needs help. I will try to catch her again tomorrow.

After that I caught Ernest whose toes looked funny but he's ok, may be a birth defect.


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Two lovely, independent chicks! :) Hope you are able to catch your namesake and take care of her other foot soon.


Aww, poor little birdie. You'll catch her again! How nice to finally see a picture of YOU!

My parrot has a few funny toes - could be birth defects, or it could have happened in the nest, someone told me once that if the birds feet get too much bird poop on them, it can harden like cement and force the toes to grow in different directions. Max has two toes like that.